25/11/2014 10:23 GMT | Updated 25/01/2015 05:59 GMT

In Pictures: 80+ Arrests, Pepper Spray and Scuffles As Occupy Clear Outs Begin in Hong Kong

At least 80 people were arrested, according to police, as part of one of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protest camps was cleared on Tuesday.


Bailiffs were on site to enforce a court order to clear obstructions from a relatively small part of the encampment on the Kowloon Peninsula. Most of the clearance was performed by an agency with bailiffs and police on hand to assist.



Tents and barricades were slowly removed until police moved swiftly through the area to clear remaining protesters.



For much of the day, demonstrators were vastly outnumbered by journalists and onlookers. Most occupiers had retreated to the main Nathan Road area, where they have been gathered for almost sixty days.



There were scuffles throughout the day, though most protesters did not resist.



Hong Kong legislators Albert Chan, Claudia Mo and Fernando Cheung were on site.


Cheung said that the situation was being dealt with wrongly as it was a "political issue." When asked whether protesters should stay put, he said that there was "no objective reason to retreat" as the government had not altered its stance on universal suffrage.


Law Yuk-Kai of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor was also observing the clear out.


He expressed concern about new police gear spotted during the day. "Police have new hand gloves with some hard parts on the surface which can cause unnecessary bodily harm to people," he said, calling the introduction of the gloves "irresponsible".


As traffic was partially restored in the area covered by the court injunction, protesters were displaced on to Portland Street near Langham Place. Thousands more people poured on to the streets as police reinforcements and tactical units arrived.


Red flags warned protesters that force may be used as police addressed crowds with a loudspeaker, declaring the gathering illegal.


As the evening wore on, CS spray was deployed as occupiers were pushed south and on to surrounding roads within Kowloon's red light district.


Multiple stand-offs occurred throughout the evening as police attempted to clear roads. Protesters said they were creating 'mobile occupations', as traffic in some areas came to a standstill.


Many occupiers remained at the main Kowloon camp area on Nathan Road throughout the day. Clearances are set to continue in Mong Kok on Wednesday.


Pro-democracy activists in the former-British colony are currently demonstrating against a plan by Beijing to allow free elections in 2017 but with only two or three pre-approved candidates allowed to stand.