24/12/2014 10:38 GMT | Updated 23/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Ten Things I've Learned This Year...

1. Dancing at home to old vinyl records was the best way to see in 2014. Dancing with no inhibitions makes everyone happy.

2. London is a wonderful city and I'm lucky to live here. Walking to work through Regents Park, exploring hidden canals, swimming in ponds, trying new cuisines, hanging out in cosy pubs - it's got everything - even the weather on occasion.

3. I have a passion for my work and I'm lucky to love what I do and the people I work with.

4. Managing a team and seeing them shine is the most rewarding part of my job.

5. The future of media isn't male or female, it's equal - thanks Lindsay Clay, Lindsay Pattinson, Claudine Collins et al for embodying this.

6. Presenting isn't as scary as I thought, your audience wants you to do well and is interested in what you say. Do more of it, don't avoid it.

7. I REALLY love science fiction films - two of my favourites of all time came out in 2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar - and I am beyond exciting for JJ Abrams' Star Wars reboot - The Force Awakens - in 2015.

8. A glass of rose isn't just for summer.

9. Gadgets should be left out of the bedroom, will try and do that next year...

10. Cancer is evil. It's taken my wonderful friend Charlie from her parents, her children, her twin, her sister, her extended family and her friends. Her zest for life will remain an inspiration to me and I'll try and be as brave as her in everything I do.