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Alastair Carr

English boy in Scotland, aptly studying International Relations

Left the Midlands in 2012 to study at the University of Edinburgh. Writer for the UofE, Politics and IR journal and occasional volunteer at International Alert. For peace, understanding and a sense of humour. Against despotism, bigotry and patronisation. Poorly read but well informed.

For Egyptian Democracy to Succeed, Liberal Hypocrisy Must End

The 'revolutionary democratic coup' was genuinely inspiring and was misunderstood by most in the West. However if those who instigated the Revolution want to reconstruct the ancient pinnacle of the Arab world, they'll have to make their victory more inclusive.
23/07/2013 16:47 BST

Why Revolution 2.0 Is a Necessary Evil for Egypt

Military coups are never 'good' but following the inevitable repression of military rule Egypt will be granted another opportunity to get democracy right. This is a time where Egypt needs international help, not isolation.
08/07/2013 17:31 BST

Going to the Revolution: My Experience of Protests in Cairo

The protests are exciting. I was lucky enough to see history being enacted. However my excitement and wonder are diluted with sadness. Sadness seeing a monolithic population divided and hearing that buildings are being burned down, people killed and women assaulted wantonly.
02/07/2013 12:50 BST

Waiting for a Revolution

Egyptians incessantly berate me for "listening to the shit the media says", without it I would be completely oblivious. The immense size and routine madness of this place hide the pre-revolutionary sparks while the omnipresence of propaganda neutralizes its own desired effect.
26/06/2013 13:45 BST

My First Night(Morning) in Cairo

The power of the people however clichéd a term is inescapable in the streets that never empty of movement or the background noise of shouting complimented by car horns, which are used at any and every opportunity. The Egyptian Revolution, showed this at it's most awesome, yet it remains incomplete. Catharsis was not achieved.
11/06/2013 13:18 BST

Tony and Bill: A Manichean Special Relationship

So as Bill bounces goofily round the globe, adored at every corner, Tony provokes and irritates whilst bewildering us with an effortless master class in realpolitik, something that I miss in British politics.
26/04/2013 13:39 BST