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Ava Patel

23-year-old campaigner for Channel 4's Battlefront

Ava, 23, left university two years ago with a degree in journalism. She had to move back home with her mum and dad in Blackburn and has worked part-time in a 999 call centre so that she can spend the rest of her time applying for jobs that she really wants – so far she's had no luck.

She is taking part in Channel 4’s Battlefront: Campaign To Tackle Youth Unemployment.

Why Working for Your Benefits Isn't Beneficial

Every job sector now demands work experience but unless it's relevant, your chances of getting that job are slim. Employers don't care if you answered phones or helped out on a farm, if the job you are applying for doesn't use phones and isn't on a farm.
31/08/2012 16:28 BST

Battlefront: The Fight Against Youth Unemployment

In my opinion, youth unemployment is no longer a problem, but a disaster. When I saw the Battlefront job advertised I was attracted to it because it was a chance to use my journalistic skills and tackle a subject that has had a huge impact on me. It's something that had me feeling pretty low for a long time and I don't think it's fair young people should have to lower their expectations just because their environment or the economic climate they live in isn't prospering. I'm tackling youth unemployment because young people today are quickly becoming disillusioned with their lives and ambitions.
22/08/2012 16:42 BST