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Brodie Smithers

Ninja and Scribe for Hire

Mr Brodie Rae Smithers could have been a contender. Once having had something resembling a freelance writing gig in the late 90s in London which involved The Guardian Guide, Fono Magazine, The Sunday Times and The Independent On Sunday.

Yet, slowly this eroded away as money, location and responsibilities loomed like an ominous spectre over his creative career. Like the classic comeback kid, a never-subdued sense of self-importance has propelled his fingers back onto the keyboard. Now living in Edinburgh, he plays most things with a Boycott-esque straight bat, keeps his guard up and other such well-worn sporting analogies.

Six Nations Rugby: Mike Brown Interviewed

Ahead of the game against France at the weekend, England and Harlequins winger Mike Brown, 27, gave me his views on the game, the possibilities of an England Grand Slam, his chances of Lions selection and missing Quins tilt for the title.
20/02/2013 10:46 GMT

Rugby: Six Nations Preview

If you believe statistics to be the answer then this year's Six Nations will come down to which team executes its set-piece the best, has the most effective back-row and the most potent finishers. For my money that would put Ireland or Wales on the podium as potential winners.
01/02/2013 15:36 GMT

A Supermarket Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beer

There is a large section of society who are violently allergic to the concept of non-alcoholic beer. I also know the most common misgiving is the whole "What's the point?" question. With comparisons to sex without the orgasm and coffee without the caffeine it is a difficult sell for most people.
04/12/2012 17:55 GMT

Ben Cohen Interviewed

Ex-England rugby player Ben Cohen has founded the Stand Up Foundation, tasked with raising awareness and tackling anti-bullying and homophobia in sport. He is also ambassador for the Bingham Cup, a gay and inclusive rugby tournament taking place in Manchester this weekend.
31/05/2012 09:23 BST

Cross Country Golf

A plan for a game of Cross Country Golf was hatched in a pub beer garden. Rough rules were argued over and potential courses were examined on Ordinance Survey maps.
22/03/2012 14:40 GMT