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Caroline Lucas

Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion

Green Party MP for Brighton

Why I Joined Today's 'March Of The Mummies' Against Maternity Discrimination

It's not rocket science. The Government know that this discrimination is widespread. Yet it's failing to make simple changes which would give mums access to the justice they deserve.So let's take this simple step and extend the time limit - and then let's explore bold options which will help build modern family-friendly economy fit for the future.
31/10/2017 17:49 GMT

The Future Of Energy Is Arriving - Let's Make It Radical

We need to block dirty diesels getting public money - no question there. But there are other ways to do it, like putting a cap on how polluting generators receiving subsidy can be. So, what's going on?... It's time we changed who makes the rules. It must be the public and the climate front and centre, because the public and the climate demand it.
27/07/2017 17:04 BST

Britain Has A Chance To Lead The Way On Ridding The World Of Nuclear Weapons

Imagine what it would mean for Britain's standing in the world if we became the first nuclear weapons state to sign this treaty, and commit to ridding this country of these monstrous weapons of mass destruction. To stop Trident replacement and plough the resources elsewhere is an act of political bravery because it means breaking from this country's imperial past and our history of imposing ourselves on others using our weaponry as a bargaining chip. But Britain is a modern country, without the need to be bound by our history, and we have a real chance to be leading the world at this most pivotal moment.
06/07/2017 13:31 BST

Theresa May Has No Mandate To Pursue An Extreme Brexit As If Nothing Has Happened

Instead of pressing ahead with her plans for Brexit Theresa May should follow the advice of Nicola Sturgeon, Yvette Cooper and others who are calling for a cross-party commission on Brexit. With the country still so divided, and Theresa May only able to form a Government with the help of the DUP, the Tories must be forced to recognise that they simply have no mandate for pushing forward as if nothing has happened.
14/06/2017 09:29 BST

Valentine's Day Letter For Sex Education

I hope that Justine Greening will act on this Valentine's Day message and make the case to the Prime Minister that what we really need is a PSHE Bill, so that this desperately needed change can be delivered in a coherent and comprehensive way. It is vital that provision is statutory and covers all ages and all schools. Updated guidance alone will not be good enough. This must be an entitlement for every child.
14/02/2017 13:37 GMT

Theresa May's Disgraceful Cowardice Has Let Britain Down - Join Us In Standing Up To Trump's Tyranny

Let's be clear about what is happening right now, and Britain's role in it. A US President is banning people coming to his country because of their religion. Those fleeing persecution and violence - often because of conflicts the West has been involved in - are being denied a safe haven. The world's greatest power is gripped by the politics of fear and division - and risks sliding into an even darker place. There is only one way to respond to Trump's hate: condemnation. But what have we seen from the Government? Theresa May avoided the question altogether.
30/01/2017 13:15 GMT

The Future Of The Green Investment Bank Is In Peril

With 2016 the hottest year on record, a climate-sceptic in the White House, and our (far from perfect) national climate targets in real danger, now is not the time to break up one of the UK most significant investors in clean, renewable energy.
10/01/2017 16:20 GMT

The Government Should Be Doubling Down On Our Clean Energy Transition

It is time the government got a grip. If it is not willing to admit defeat on airport expansion - yet - it is even more imperative that it doubles down on the UK's clean energy transition. Failure to do so would mean not even paying lip service to the already highly dubious claims that we can expand aviation while remaining within our national carbon budgets.
03/11/2016 17:33 GMT

Where Now For Britain's Relationship With Europe?

I accept that the British people made this choice on 23 June. But on the other hand, as an MP elected to stand up for what I believe in - for social, economic and environmental justice - I find the prospect of Brexit genuinely frightening. It is my belief that Britain would be better off if we stayed in the EU - and that my constituents face real risks of us leaving.
05/10/2016 08:43 BST

Delaying The Ratification Of The Paris Agreement Is A Dangerous And Reckless Approach To The Most Important Issue Of Our Time

In Parliament today, I asked the Prime Minister if she will commit to ratifying the agreement before the follow up negotiations in November of this year. She sidestepped the question and refused to give a firm date. With 2016 set to be the hottest year on record, this casual approach is at odds with ever more serious warnings about the severity of the climate crisis.
07/09/2016 14:25 BST

Labour's 'Position' on Trident Is Indefensible

Instead of complaining about the parliamentary procedure, or keeping quiet, those of us who believe in a nuclear weapons-free Britain should be making our case heard - within our parties and to the wider world. Ultimately we'll only build a nuclear weapons-free world if we're willing to make a stand and lead the way.
18/07/2016 14:25 BST

Why the Chilcot Report Must Not 'Put to Bed' the Iraq War

Over the coming weeks and months MPs and experts will be poring over the detail of what is in John Chilcot's report. I have all twelve volumes sitting on my desk right now and I aim to read as much as possible. It's crucial that this report doesn't 'put to bed' the Iraq War. The families of the British troops and Iraqi civilians who died deserve better than that. Instead this moment should be a springboard for making the changes needed to ensure that there is never another unjustified and bloody intervention like the one we embarked upon in Iraq thirteen years ago.
06/07/2016 17:41 BST

The EU Referendum Shows We Must Urgently Build a More Representative, Inclusive Democracy

We have seen things over the past few days and weeks that have raised difficult questions about who we are as British people. And if we are to take Britain forward rather than back, I believe that the time is right for progressive political parties on the left to unite - and to offer a credible alternative to the unholy trinity that is Farage, Johnson and Gove. If Brexiteers are serious about handing control to the British people, then a proportional voting system has to be a priority. And if we are to set about healing the deep divisions in our society which this referendum has revealed, then we need to urgently build a more representative, inclusive democracy.
24/06/2016 09:55 BST

Why We're Running to Be Co-Leaders of the Green Party

For us the power of working together is about job sharing, harnessing the power of collective action at the grassroots of our party and starting a democratic revolution. Time is up for the two-party system - we want to seize this moment to create a new kind of politics that can in turn reclaim and reshape Britain - addressing both the cost of living crisis and the quality of life crisis too.
08/06/2016 10:09 BST

Leaving the EU Would Be an Act of Self-Inflicted Environmental Vandalism That Would Hurt Young People the Most

In every corner of Britain the EU is protecting the environment. Towns and cities blighted by air pollution are finally seeing the British Government forced to act to cut the amount of dangerous particles we're breathing. Precious species in the countryside are protected by tough EU laws which stop overzealous development. Our beaches - many of which were too filthy to enjoy not so long ago - are now cleaner, and our once-polluted seas are safer to swim in too. Young people enjoy a cleaner environment than their parents did at their age - but Brexit risks all of this progress.
05/06/2016 17:24 BST

Our NHS Is Under Threat From the Tories, Not the EU

This morning David Owen gave a speech in which he claimed that Britain needs to leave the EU to protect the our Health Service. I have great respect for his work on the NHS but I disagree with Owen about leaving the EU - which will not remove the real threat to our health service.
06/04/2016 16:54 BST