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CJ Atkinson

Activist and author of 'Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?'

CJ Atkinson is an author and activist who has written the book “Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?”, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in January 2017.

The Most Reverend And Right Honourable The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury: Thank You

Your beliefs, whether religious or secular, are a choice. You choose to behave in a particular manner, and it's fundamental to establish that these beliefs are shaped by free will. In fact, that's one of the central tenets of the church - that God loved his children so much he gave them free will. This includes the freedom to believe and worship or not. This is different to "believing trans people when they say they're trans".
13/11/2017 17:31 GMT

Oh Look, It's Time For Some More Trans Panic

So Justine Greening's announcement that the government may introduce measures to make official documentation a little bit easier for trans people to access, by allowing us to self-identify, has caused outrage and furore in people who don't understand what's going on.
24/07/2017 14:25 BST

Won't Someone Think Of The Children

As Stonewall once again release statistics that make chilling reading for the state of the world for young trans people, I'm once again reminded that we only tangentially live in the same world. Tell me how much time we should wait for things to get better. Tell me that this is exactly how it goes. Tell me it's unfortunate, it's really sad, but you don't really feel <em>comfortable</em> with this kind of chat.
28/06/2017 08:01 BST

Toddlers Should Be Told About Trans People. Why? Because #WeExist

NUT have taken steps this week to introduce LGBTQIA education into the curriculum from the moment that children start school. We know, from academic theorists, researchers, and quantitative and qualitative data that a holistic approach to education is the best one - not just for children who may come to identify as LGBTQIA, but for those who will live in the world with them. Spoiler alert: that is everyone, even you. This isn't just an amazing move, it's a revolutionary one.
18/04/2017 17:10 BST

#NotADebate: Why Feminists And Trans People Should Be Working Together, Not Apart

I was raised female in a house where Feminism wasn't a dirty word, but one to wear proudly, and while I don't feel biologically or socially that I am a woman, I will absolutely defend women's rights. These women -- from Fay Weldon to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -- are doing incredible, vital, and important work, but they're falling at the first hurdle into a trans-exclusionary world that only the status quo benefit from. They keep being asked how terrifying it is when the transfolk come for their pie, and the great glaring truth they're all missing is: we're not.
11/04/2017 07:58 BST

I Want To Start A Conversation With No Conclusion - So Everyone Feels Included

2016, aside from being the year when your favourite celebrity died, has been a seminal year for those who identify as "other" when it comes to the question of gender. Thanks to high profile stars and activists, from Laverne Cox and Janet Mock to Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus, we now have the chance for young people to be aware that gender - the great societal binary - isn't so binary at all. In fact, like most things in life, gender operates as a spectrum and everybody's identity is valid without denying anybody else's.
04/01/2017 17:42 GMT