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David Plans

CEO at BioBeats- digital health and artificial intelligence startup that specialises in creating corporate and personal wellness solutions

David is an adaptive media researcher and entrepreneur. In his early career and doctoral work, he looked to computational intelligence, in particular genetic co-evolution, to create reflexive media systems that imitated and queried the nature of human creativity.

He created the first European merger for Open Source startups and helped the National Health Service one of the first mobile applications to let users self-report in chronic illness.

He has given papers and performances at the International Computer Music Conference, the European Conference on Artificial Life, IRCAM, the Darwin Symposium, and the Computer Arts Society in London, and more recently, has published on human emotion in play (affective modelling for games) in IEEE Computational Intelligence transactions and Frontiers Journal of Human Neuroscience.

His industrial work, which has focused on creating mobile applications for mental health, is now focused on, a startup in San Francisco/London/Pisa that builds artificial intelligence solutions for human wellbeing in both consumer and insurance/workforce management.

Are You Suffering From Stress?

If left unchecked, stress can in the long term develop into a chronic issue which will have detrimental effects on mental and physical wellbeing, and possibly developed into an anxiety disorder or depression.
07/04/2017 14:00 BST

Can't Get No Sleep: A Post-CES Report On Digital Health

Walking the floor at CES, one could see that the macho perception that we should all get 2h sleep a night and overwork ourselves to exhaustion is being deconstructed. There are more companies and startups touting digital interventions for sleep than almost any other problem
27/01/2017 14:17 GMT

It's Time We Talk Seriously About Stress In The Workplace And How To Fix It - And Fast

A corporate wellness program that provides employees effective stress management tools, wearable, and smartphone stress management applications, in particular, can help those employees improve their health and quality of life. This, in turn, can help reduce the costs incurred by companies related to employee stress and stress-related health problems.
09/12/2016 16:43 GMT

Stressed Out? How The Right Tech Can Help Increase Your Wellbeing And Relieve Stress

Many individuals are not aware they are under stress, let alone the precise level of their stress, the triggers of their stress, and the potential health problems caused by prolonged stress. In order to effectively combat stress and its ill effects on health, stress triggers and responses to stress must be recognised and managed in real time.
09/11/2016 14:34 GMT

Let's Talk About Stress: A Main Cause Of Health Problems In The UK

We have heard about the importance of stress management for a little more than two decades, and long-term studies of stress in the population have seen stress steadily rise during that time, as Carnegie Mellon University's long term study , which covered more than three decades, proved.
28/10/2016 10:22 BST