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Ellen Arnison

Journalist, writer, blogger, author, mother, wife and occasionally whole person

Following years of tabloid journalism and a bit of PR, I now stay at home most of the time and write for people who pay me. I also mess about on the internet. Finally the work-life balance is within reach. I have written a book called Blogging For Happiness that will be published later this year. I have sons, Boy One, Boy Two, Boy Three and a husband, the Panther of News. My blog is found at

What Women Are Supposed To Know

Have you ever noticed that there are certain bits of knowledge that are presumed to magically arrive with the birth of your first child?
08/09/2011 15:50 BST

Twitter Users - Break the News not Hearts

I urge you to have a moment's pause before pressing your retweet button. It only takes a second or two to check a proper news source. Twitter is quick, but not much faster than online news teams who get accurate information out as soon as it's possible.
22/08/2011 23:47 BST

I Hate Housework More with Each Passing day

I hate housework more than I love communications technology. Please can those clever, creative people turn their brilliant minds to solving the housework problem forever.
15/08/2011 11:47 BST