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Gates Cambridge Scholars

Gates Cambridge Scholars are intellectually outstanding postgraduate students with a capacity for leadership and a commitment to improving the lives of others

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships fund postgraduate study for international students who have outstanding academic ability and exceptional social leadership skills. The programme was established through a US$210m donation to the University of Cambridge from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2001 which remains the largest single donation to a UK university.

The Tragedy Of Martin Schulz

All four of the minor parties increased their vote share, including the far-right Alternative für Deutschland, which will enter the Bundestag for the first time. German politics is about to look quite different indeed.
06/10/2017 12:19 BST

Omar Khadr And Canada's Failure To Protect A Citizen's Rights

By instead violating the rights of one of its citizens, the Canadian government (both Liberal and Conservative) set itself up for a future lawsuit. Now that this lawsuit has been settled, the most productive thing that we can do is to move on and to work towards ensuring that a scenario such as this one, horrible on every level, never happens again.
14/07/2017 11:51 BST

Bringing The Climate Sceptics On Board

If we are to truly build national momentum to address the impacts of climate change on America in its entirety, we need everyone to be part of the conversation today -Trump-loving, climate-sceptic Tangier Islanders included.
19/06/2017 13:00 BST

March For Science Needs To Be Diverse

This Earth Day [April 22], groups of scientists and science advocates are organising across the world in a global March for Science to bring attention to the importance of scientific research. Activism is new for many within the scientific community and not everyone agrees that the march will be beneficial or effective.
20/04/2017 11:01 BST

Is It Fair To Compare Trump's USA To Nazi Germany?

With Donald Trump now sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America, many commentators have drawn comparisons between his polarising rise to power and the infamous emergence of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in interwar Germany. Some accuse this comparison of simply falling into Godwin's law, which claims that if a debate goes on long enough one side will end up unjustifiably comparing the other to Hitler. The comparison, however, should not be dismissed out of hand.
10/02/2017 10:39 GMT

DNA Sequencing In The Palm Of Your Hand

It is smaller than your smartphone. It plugs into your laptop with a standard USB cable. What is it? A new DNA sequencer. This week, it has been named amongst Science magazine's top 10 breakthroughs of the year.
06/01/2017 13:20 GMT

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Though I am still a neophyte to the weird and wonderful world of Pokemon, I like to think that I can now distinguish Pikachu from Sandshrew; more important to me, though, is the great usefulness of the app in initiating difficult conversations about sexism in Antiquity and today. Perhaps I shall even include it in the syllabus the next time that I teach Ovid!
09/08/2016 10:15 BST

Survivor's Guilt

Most importantly, for the first time in my life, I am dedicating time to address the inner turmoil and tensions that come with navigating a world so very different from the one of those I love.
09/05/2016 12:35 BST

A Positive Approach to Mental Healthcare

With increased international awareness on the matter already, let me take a page out of Jokowi's book and focus on potential solutions rather than harping on about the problems.
28/04/2016 16:58 BST

How Improvisation Can Help You at Work and Home

The first step in improvising is to closely observe the environment and to absorb cues that help us in solving the problem. In short, 'Stop living in the future and be present in the present'. But how do we go about this?
16/02/2016 09:44 GMT