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Helen Miller

Mummy, girlfriend and midwife. Attempting to make memories to smile about.

I blog about anything I find interesting but mainly about the chaos of my life and motherhood. I'm a Mummy to two gorgeous children, a girlfriend to one fabulous fella and a midwife currently on a career break in order to be a SAHM with my little puddings.

I find my life a big bag of crazy and amazing all jumbled together. If you want to hear the truth and nothing but the truth then read my blogs, moments and quotes on Talking Mums.

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The Mixed Up Life Of A SAHM

Life as a SAHM can be brilliant but it can also be monotonous and quite lonely. Playgroups are sometimes my saviour and often I want to go for me more than him, but some weeks I just want it to be him and me and then I feel guilty that I'm not entertaining him with other children.
14/07/2017 15:35 BST

Children's Car Seat Safety. Are We Behind In The UK?

Whilst I was reading about the new law, I learned that in the UK it is recommended that infants should remain in their rear facing car seats until they are 15 months old! Group 0+ car seats are suitable for weights up to 13kg.
02/03/2017 15:11 GMT

Give Them The Greatest Gift At Christmas

It's not that I don't want to spend the money on them. It's that I think in the eyes of a child, innocent and simple, all that matters is that the are loved. Something every child has a right to. For me the day is about making memories to smile about and that doesn't cost a penny. Surely happy memories are the greatest gifts of all.
15/12/2016 17:30 GMT

Those Early Postnatal Days

I'm a woman and a midwife. The two most natural things in the world I failed to do. In those early postnatal days, still adjusting to the sleep deprivation and hormones gone wild I wondered how I could be a good mother when I couldn't even get the basics right. The words 'I'm not good enough' preyed on my mind.
09/12/2016 08:29 GMT

Great Expectations Of Being A New Parent

For most of us, we change as people when we become parents. On the whole we grow and become better people. However in the transition period, that change in who we are, our identity, can cause great confusion. Once a confident and independent adult, you begin to question your abilities. Failing it appears, is not an option.
05/12/2016 13:53 GMT