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James King

Managing Director and founder of Find Invest Grow (FIG)

James has extensive experience in fundraising, business strategy consultation and management of early stage companies. James has repeatedly and successfully identified high growth investment opportunities for investors.

James has worked at KPMG, a variety of events companies and at as a Business Analyst – working with some of the Internet industry’s most influential professionals.

He studied Computing at Imperial College London and Leeds University, where he was the recipient of a scholarship in the first ever entrepreneurial Scholarship Programme having raised over £150,000 for his first venture while still a full time student.
James came up with the FIG concept after raising finance for his last business. It was clear to him that students needed an easier route to finding investment and even more importantly, finding the right investors to help their businesses grow.

It Takes One to Know One - A Young Founder's Design for Change

Young people continue to create Britain's brands of the future. I have founded businesses as a recent graduate and many people I looked up to did exactly the same. Richard Reed of Innocent Smoothies, James Dyson, and James Murray-Wells of Glasses Direct founded their businesses as recent graduates.
25/01/2013 14:53 GMT