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James Wharton

Author, 'Out in the Army: My Life as a Gay Soldier'

James Wharton served in the Household Cavalry for 10 years.

Serving both operationally and ceremonially, James was also instrumental in changing attitudes towards homosexuality in the military, becoming the first gay person to feature on the cover of Soldier magazine in 2009.

James became the first member of the 360 year old Household Cavalry to enter into a same-sex union when he married his partner in 2010.

He ranked in the top 20 of the Independent On Sunday's Pink List for 3 consecutive years was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2014 for his contribution to the UK LGBT community.

A bestselling author, his first book Out in the Army was published by Biteback, a second edition was published in paperback in 2014.

Last year, Glyndrw University in his hometown of Wrexham, made James an honorary fellow for his LGBT activism. He is currently a communications professional working in the City.

Join The Army? You Must Be Mad

Instead of pulling the lad to one side and giving him career advice, perhaps a tale of adventure from the ten years I spent traveling the world having good times, sometimes having traumatic times with my fellow soldiers, I felt I could only offer him some words of warning.
28/12/2016 12:33 GMT

Woman Driver, Gay Driver, Black?

The greatest sport on the planet has a fan-base rich in diversity. Stretching the four corners of the globe, there are millions and millions of us hanging on every press conference, lap, pit-stop and chequered flag. We live and breathe F1 and without this support it's difficult to imagine the sport existing. But all this fascination hinges on one thing: the driver.
28/11/2016 10:58 GMT

With Prince Harry Retiring, the Army Has Lost One of Its Best Young Leaders

The most important moment I will remember personally, the time the Prince stepped in and told a group of very unhappy soldiers to 'back the f**k off' and leave me alone. The morning Harry had to come to my rescue, word had got round among the other regiment about what had happened between me and one of their own, and a group of angry sergeants wanted my blood - because to them, I was obviously to blame. Harry caught wind of the situation and confronted the older non-commissioned officers, and made, quite clear, that they would be for the high jump if they gave me another second's hassle over the issue - my sexuality.
20/06/2015 12:38 BST

Education Is the Key to Changing Russia

We do need to tell President Putin and those horrendous vigilante gangs who hunt down gay men and women on the streets of Russia that what they are doing is vehemently wrong; and we do need to be explicit in singling this European country out over its human rights reputation, but we must allow time and the opportunity for education.
14/02/2014 16:13 GMT

Stench of Thatcher's Section 28 Lingers On

Section 28 was a piece of legislation that essentially gave bullies and tormentors the green light to pursue homophobic action against other people- especially on the school playground, and the effect of this was day after day of suffering for thousands of young boys and girls, often leading to tragic conclusions.
18/11/2013 17:45 GMT

Great News... If You're Not a Member of the CoE!

By being born into the Church of England and then duly christened a member before I can even remember, I'm now automatically excluded from the Equal Marriage plans leaving me in exactly the same place I was before the announcement.
12/12/2012 16:42 GMT

How Can We Expect the Kids to Sort Their Behaviour Out?

While the focus of this week's National Anti-Bullying Week will be aimed at children and teenagers, we mustn't overlook and forget the vast number of adults, some of whom are public officials, who equally need to take heed of this important annual event.
19/11/2012 23:07 GMT

We've Come So far... Got So Far Left to Go, Too!

I was delighted to have been asked to join <a href="" target="_hplink">London Titans FC</a>, a gay friendly football team based in South West London for the annual London Gay Pride parade, which was host to this year's World Pride.
16/07/2012 13:24 BST

Do Councils Really Care about People Living With AIDS?

Last year, I was asked by <a href="" target="_hplink">The Crescent</a>, an organisation which provides support to people living with, or affected by HIV/AIDS, to become a Patron of their charity, and to become involved in the fundraising that goes with providing such services.
28/05/2012 17:21 BST

My Royal Wedding: A Year On

A year ago on Sunday, I was excitedly sat on my horse - Doncaster, clad immaculately in state regalia, escorting Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh from Westminster Abbey, along the royal procession route up to Buckingham Palace.
29/04/2012 21:52 BST

Why the Diamond Jubilee is Bloody Brilliant!

For the second year running, in two months time the people of Britain will be celebrating a gift from the Royal Family. A gift that will, at least for one long weekend in June, take our minds off the misery of the economic downturn, the pain of possible fuel strikes and of course, the ridiculous rise in the cost of a first class stamp.
30/03/2012 10:36 BST

What About the Gay Kids?

In my opinion, homophobia in schools goes hand in hand with the debate surrounding equal marriage. Homophobia stems from ignorance; from a belief that gay people are less important than straight people.
22/03/2012 22:05 GMT

Gay Pride, What's the Point?

We still live in a world in which a professional footballer will tweet homophobic messages to thousands of followers and not think of the consequences; will also still live in a world where people are being hung because they are gay. There's clearly a fight still to be won, and events such as National Student Pride underline this very fact.
05/03/2012 22:17 GMT

Who Died and Made the Church God?

Why should a man and a woman have the exclusive right of exchanging their lifelong promise to each other in the presence of God? What makes me different? I swore an oath to God that I'd protect Queen and Country as a young 16-year-old boy facing military service. Why shouldn't I be afforded the same respect from a faith that I have served so well?
21/02/2012 23:27 GMT