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Jonny Owen

Co-creator and star of Svengali and co-host of the hugely popular 'ModCast'

Jonny Owen is a thirty something Welshman who has acted in some of the UK’s most popular drama’s and comedies. His impressive CV includes Shameless, Being Human, Murphy’s Law, My Family and Inspector George Gently.
He was also the lead in Wales highest ever grossing Indie Film (A bit of Tom Jones) and is Irvine Welsh’s actor of choice appearing in the Critically lauded and Welsh written Wedding Belles, Dose and Good Arrows.

He currently is the co-creator and star of the smash on-line comedy ‘Svengali’ which has had cameo appearances from Martin Freeman, Carl Barat, Boy George and Alan McGee. It was recently described by Mark Prigg of the Evening Standard as the ‘best on-line comedy on the internet’.

Jonny is also a Producer and has won the prestigious ‘Gwyn Alf Williams Bafta’ for his brilliant documentary ‘Aberfan’. He’s also Produced several series for ITV Wales including ‘The Tower Story’ and ‘The last Miner to play for Wales. He has done voice over work for the BBC ITV and Sky and is the current narrator of BBC Wales Documentary series ‘Hospital 24/7′ which has the highest viewing figures of any series in his homeland.

In the past Jonny has written exclusively on request for the Guardian, The Times and The Western Mail and is also the writer of two critically acclaimed self-presented pieces for Match of Day Cup Final Program (6 Million views and Martin Kelner from The Guardian’s ‘pick of the day’) and Football Focus (4 Million views).

The face of ITV Wales Soccer Sunday for three years Jonny used all his acting skills to keep a straight face when announcing his beloved Cardiff City lost and Swansea won. He has just filmed ‘Loserville’ as the male lead for the BBC playing a 'pimp' of all things. A part he enjoyed immensely. He's getting a bit older these days but still manages the odd game of five a side and is an avid Cardiff City and Wales fan. Something he has learned to cope with over the years.

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