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Kate Sutton

Writer | Mother | Dater

Single parent to 2 boys, a freelance writer, blogger, YouTuber, and occasional dater. Have been blogging at for 4 years. Lover of travel. Annoyingly optimistic.

5 Phases of Dating

I've been single for two and a half years now and during that time I've found it relatively easy to talk (and write) about dating. As harsh as it sounds, I haven't really cared too much about anyone in that time (although there were 2 notable exceptions) and so when feelings aren't involved it's easier to be nonchalant about dating.
06/08/2014 13:09 BST

Back to School & Epic Failing All Over The Place

I like to think of myself as an organised person. I'm not. I just like to <em>think</em> of myself as one. Take this morning. It was Skig's first day at Junior school today so I made sure I got up early. I say early ... any time before 8am I consider early.
06/09/2011 11:43 BST

I Miss You Emo Dog

I don't have any pets. Too high maintenance for my liking. Too much responsibility. Too much crap to deal with. Literally. Suffice to say, I'm not a fan. Don't get me wrong ... love animals from afar, just not within a two mile radius.
18/08/2011 12:47 BST