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Laura Agar Wilson

Holistic health and wellbeing coach passionate about helping women bust through their barriers to find their most balanced, healthy and happy life

Laura Agar Wilson is the woman behind the popular healthy living and lifestyle blog

Through her blog and health coaching practice, Laura inspires and educates other women on how to look after their health with good nutrition, exercise and a positive body image. She shares her experiences of losing over 60lbs following a life time of struggling with her weight.

Wholeheartedly Healthy follows Laura’s adventures in food, fitness and new motherhood sharing whole foods based recipes, product reviews and her personal accounts of pursuing a healthy happy life.

Laura is a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she trained in over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She also holds a qualification in diet and nutrition advice and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She has a BA in Art and Design, MA in Community and Youth Work, and has trained in Reiki, NLP and CBT.

Laura has been featured in Healthy Magazine as a Healthy Hero. She has also worked with Activia UK and Gok Wan on their Feel Good Campaign and various other brands including Alpro UK, BRITA, Maxitone, North Face, Natural Balance Foods, Next, Uniqlo and several small businesses.

Can We Ever Really Be 'Balanced'?

Balance is that word that we all aspire to, but rarely seem to achieve. Almost as soon as we gain a feeling of being 'balanced' it slips through our fingers and we're back to takeaways for dinner and a glass, ahem, bottle of wine after the kids go to bed.
13/04/2016 14:42 BST

Are You Eating Too Much Healthy Food?

I love eating and I love food. It's like a hobby. I have no shame in sharing that I very much enjoy everything about food: planning it, shopping for it, preparing it, eating it, tasting it, everything! To me, food will never just be fuel. It will always been something to be enjoyed, and sometimes, I enjoy it just a little too much!
17/09/2015 15:50 BST

What Your Diet and Exercise Plan Is Missing

I threw out diet 'rules' and started to do what felt good in terms of moving my body rather than sticking to a set exercise routine. But I was still over eating on an evening, bingeing when I felt stressed or snacking to distract myself from other things. That was when I had my light bulb moment...
14/04/2014 17:13 BST

Is Sugar Evil?

The World Heath Organisation has suggested that the recommended maximum daily intake of sugar should be halved, stating that we should be aiming for sugar to be no more 5% of our calorie intake for the day. I have several issues with that statement.
24/03/2014 11:51 GMT