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Loma-Ann Marks

Journalist, Founder and Editor of Culture Compass

Loma-Ann Marks was a theatre reviewer, feature writer on a national newspaper, lifestyle editor of a popular weekend supplement and is the founder and editor of online arts and culture magazine She has explored consumer trends, popular culture and the high arts at every level.

After working at Express Newspapers she set up Culture Compass following a vision she’d had for a number of years to create a publication that presented the high arts democratically whilst including the best of popular culture ( The X Factor crops up rather frequently! )

Loma was invited to become a Fellow of the RSA; made it to the Top 50 in the Media for the Courvoisier Future 500 2009 and was a finalist for Editor of the Year in the inaugral Digital Magazine Awards.

No Judgement

Being judges (without a jury, mind) is becoming ingrained into our culture. We're constantly told that our opinion counts, we're encouraged to comment, to vote, to Tweet, to share 'what's on your mind.'
02/12/2011 13:02 GMT

Is Culture the New Class?

Time was when everyone knew their place, and being cultured usually involved having a cut- glass accent and a daddy with deep pockets. You were either a toff, in which case you knew about art history and the classics, or common, where your world wasn't so much a stage, but more of a Shakespearean tragedy.
11/11/2011 22:59 GMT