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Marcus Middleton

Journalist, Current Affairs Producer and, before you ask... no relation

Marcus Middleton is a Journalist, Current Affairs Producer, and until the day he learns of the existence of another one, he remains the most accomplished, distinguished and celebrated “Australian/Latvian” working in the Australian Television Industry.

The Future of the Media - In Jon We Trust

In a world where the 'old media' (TV, Radio & Newspapers) are in decline, 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' is clearly the format for the future. Shows like this one will save television.
03/02/2013 13:14 GMT

21st Century Slavery in Great Britain

whatever your political persuasion may be, you have to agree, there's a hidden poverty in Great Britain and it's becoming too great a problem to ignore.
31/12/2012 10:50 GMT

Are We Making Our Royal Family 'Too Common'?

So where our Royal Family is concerned, let's make 2013 not a year of scandal, but a year of celebration. Let us give them privacy and eagerly await and then celebrate the arrival of a young Prince or Princess.
28/12/2012 00:55 GMT

Virgin/Delta Partnership Will Smash Airline Cartels

International Airlines Group boss, Willie Walsh lost that bizarre bet of a 'kick in the groin' with Sir Richard Branson before he even made it... That's because the Virgin Atlantic/Delta partnership is the biggest kick in the nuts that British Airways ever has and ever will receive!
18/12/2012 16:35 GMT

You Cannot Kill a Person With a Phone Call

These two DJs are now also the victims and they are hurting. They look as if they are two tormented souls. They obviously feel as if they have caused this tragic death, this is evident in the interview. Never in my time have I ever seen two people's faces more wracked with guilt or more riddled with remorse.
10/12/2012 12:34 GMT

Protect Freedom of the Press

I applaud the Prime Minister today. Because he stood up in the face of intense pressure from public opinion and he didn't say what was popular, he didn't say what would make life easier, and he didn't say what would win him some votes.
03/12/2012 12:19 GMT

Middle East Peace: Forget and Forgive

No matter if it is an Arab or Israeli death, the despair is no different. Ask an Arab mother or an Israeli father- What was it like to lose your son? What was it like to lose your daughter?
23/11/2012 12:55 GMT

Thank Me For Smoking!

Governments around the world LOVE smokers, because we build hospitals, highways, schools, and transport networks... We're their Golden Cash Cows.
15/11/2012 10:48 GMT

Is Gen Y Ready to Rule the World?

With Generation Z now here, there is no longer any choice, it's time for the old farts to give Generations X and Y the keys and let us drive. They should sit down and grab a cup of tea because it's time for us to run the show.
08/11/2012 14:18 GMT

High Noon and High Tea at Downing Street

I don't know about you, but I think Chancellor Angela Merkel is the most terrifying woman on the planet! It's almost like she's a 'German Margaret Thatcher'... Hold on a moment... She IS the 'German Margaret Thatcher'!
07/11/2012 13:57 GMT

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Just because a number sounds plausible, it doesn't mean that it is accurate. So for young players, if you see it, don't repeat it. Never reference an article, broadcast, or news package without citing the source first. Find the raw data and if you can't find it, you shouldn't use it because it probably doesn't exist.
29/10/2012 15:08 GMT

Why Stop at the Stratosphere When We Can Reach the Stars?

I take my cap off to Felix Baumgartner. Any person with the courage to rise 128,000 feet (24 miles) into the sky before jumping back down to Earth is a braver man than I will ever be... Hell, despite trying several times... I'm still too scared to ride the London Eye!
16/10/2012 11:42 BST

Keep the Union Jack Flying High

When I heard that British institutions were not going to be forced by the "Bureaucrats in Brussels" to fly the "Eurosport Logo" above Government Buildings permanently throughout the year... It made me feel good inside.
10/10/2012 09:27 BST

What Type of Facebook User Are You?

Every time I wander onto Facebook, I find myself feeling utterly depressed. As I grind down the day chained to my desk, I am constantly reminded I have no girlfriend, no money and am forced to work such long hours for such little pay and as a result I have no social life.
02/10/2012 13:58 BST

Let's Make Recreational Drugs Good for Schools

This week Channel 4's "Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial" promises to be the biggest joke television has seen this year. Trying to keep a straight face, the programme-makers are claiming the series will strive to 'tell the truth' about recreational drugs. I can tell you now... It won't.
25/09/2012 11:13 BST

Please, Arm Your Police

As a child I asked my mother on trip to London, why it was your Police did not carry guns? Whether this is right or wrong, I will never forget her answer. She told me that the English did not want to encourage their criminals to carry firearms, so they hoped, if Police did not carry guns, the criminals wouldn't see the need to either.
21/09/2012 10:59 BST