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Martin Newman

Martin is the e-editions editor of the Daily Mirror and writes an arts blog for

Martin is the e-editions editor of the Daily Mirror and writes an arts blog for An Australian who has worked on Fleet Street for two decades, his interests extend to art, music, cricket, boxing and social justice.

Biased and Blinkered Reporting on Ukraine Highlight Western Media Double Standards

In the space of a few months Ukraine has been embroiled in two uprisings. Both have appeared equally legitimate, both have been bloody and both have had the backing of differently aligned foreign governments. So why has the media characterised the US-backed one as a democratic right and the other as troublemaking by Russia?
30/05/2014 12:18 BST

What's New, Woody Allen?

The famously neurotic director has not been accused by anyone else of sexual assault, his loving wife Soon-Yi defends their relationship vigorously and he will probably never be charged, let alone found guilty of what he's been accused of. But between what has been alleged by Dylan and what we know of Soon-Yi, who among us will ever think of him in the same way again?
10/02/2014 17:18 GMT

Why Britain Needs 'King' Charles and Sarah Miles Should Not Be Crossed at Ping Pong

Even before the Queen's historic partial handover of duties to Prince Charles last week there was at least one person already singing the future king's praises. Sarah Miles, the Oscar-nominated actress now a committed spiritual healer, feels Britain is on the verge of major changes and the Prince of Wales could be the guy to step-up and make a difference.
27/01/2014 16:16 GMT

The New Literalism: How Misinformation on the Internet is Transforming the Mainstream Media

Context has been thrown away for many people online and in its place is a new and dangerously ignorant reality. By the time art collector Dasha Zhukova issued her grovelling apology on Tuesday afternoon for having been photographed sitting on a Bjarne Melgaard chair in the form of a black woman, millions of people around the world had already got a completely wrong opinion of her.
22/01/2014 09:55 GMT

Mind Games Trump Sportsmanship as Ashes Cricketers Go to War

Most cricketing commentators have been at pains to say Jonathan Trott's stress-related illness is due to the general pressures of the game and not this particular Ashes series. They doth protest too much. For the nagging, unspoken concern is that Australia's relentless psychological war on the touring side has already taken a toll.
27/11/2013 17:29 GMT

Is Australia a Racist Country? Its Most Controversial Sportsman, Anthony Mundine, Says 'Yes'

National Sorry Day (now called the the Day of Healing) is worth nothing if it's just an apology for a distant past. If Aboriginal kids continue to grow up with few opportunities and little self-esteem what good is saying 'sorry' to make ourselves feel better? More people like Mundine are needed to start talking about solutions. And not just Aboriginals - white folk too.
24/10/2012 12:57 BST