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Martyn Hett

Coronation Street superfan with a penchant for female vocalists

Freelance journalist and PR professional Martyn Hett is a Coronation Street superfan and the original creator of viral sensation, The Audrey Roberts Noise.

His other interests include washed up 90s divas, defunct British supermarkets and riding the small wave of pseudo-fame that came with his appearances on Come Dine With Me and Tattoo Fixers.

He has written for Attitude Magazine, Manchester Evening News, So So Gay and Vada Magazine to name but a few, and also created online content for Heat Magazine.

He is often described as a 'one man hen night' by his peers and his life peaked when he met Mariah Carey.

Sugababes' Windows 7 Advert - An In-Depth Analysis

Not only are they making a godawful homemade card in Microsoft Word, but they appear to be making it on the DAY of Jade's birthday, whilst simultaneously searching for a gift that they have yet to even choose, let alone purchase...
08/08/2016 16:22 BST

The 'Tattoo Fixers' Scandal - My Story

There's been a lot of controversy recently over Channel 4's hit show, <em>Tattoo Fixers</em>. I've found the whole thing a little bizarre, if I'm honest. I had a brilliant time on <em>Tattoo Fixers</em>. I was treated incredibly well and I'm over the moon with my tattoo.
16/03/2016 23:17 GMT

Celebrating Sally - 30 Years on The Street

Everybody knows a Sally Metcalfe. She's the neighbour whose curtains are constantly twitching, desperate to stay one step ahead of the others whilst secretly yearning to fit in. That's probably one of the reasons Sally has become such a national treasure, and today marks 30 years since she first appeared on our screens.
28/01/2016 17:28 GMT

Late 80s to Early 90s - A Golden Era for 'Coronation Street'?

I've spent the past year or so watching episodes from 1988 onwards on YouTube, having currently reached mid-1990. It's been such a delight to watch, with some incredible storylines such as the death of Brian Tilsley, Rita's domestic abuse at the hands of Alan Bradley and Ken's affair with Wendy Crozier.
22/01/2016 16:34 GMT

Save Our Street: How 'Corrie' Can Return to Its Former Glory

Stuart Blackburn is leaving his role as executive producer after what has arguably been <em>Coronation Street</em>'s most catastrophic era of all time. Bizarre plotlines, stunt-casting and an overall decrease in quality has seen even the most hard-core of <em>Corrie</em> fans (myself included) questioning their loyalty to the show.
22/09/2015 18:37 BST

A Day In The Life Of A 'Daily Mail' Victim

I woke the following morning to find the story had been covered by the <em>Metro</em>, the <em>Mirror</em> and, most terrifyingly, the <em>Daily Mail</em>. Initially, I found it hilarious, before realising that I would soon become the target of the brutal and relentless weirdos who leave comments on the site.
23/08/2015 18:13 BST

Crisis On The Cobbles: A Relationship on the Rocks

As my TV recorder slowly fills itself with unwatched episodes of my beloved soap, I have found myself feeling demotivated. Corrie marathons used to be my idea of heaven, but nowadays they find themselves up there with 'tackle the ironing' on my list of chores. Why? <em>Coronation Street</em> has well and truly lost the plot.
19/05/2015 21:25 BST