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Matthew Crockatt

I've worked in bookselling and publishing for many years, now I'm keen to move away from selling and towards sharing...

I have been a bookseller for fifteen years and obsessed with books for far longer. I have worked for Waterstone's, Daunt Books and also co-owned and ran two independent bookshops named Crockatt & Powell. I am now doing an MA at King's College London in Digital Asset Management as well as writing/publishing my own e-books. The publishing world is going through a period of great change. I am interested in the future of the book in this new digital era and will mostly be blogging along these lines.

Cas Holmes at the Beaney

Cas Holmes is a textile artist based in Maidstone who produces mixed media work blending 'found' fabric and her own delicately stitched designs.
11/12/2013 15:47 GMT

Cover Judgments

We admit to the German part - our series design is certainly inspired by continental attitudes to book design. Our publisher Stefan lived for some years in Dresden and loved the way literature was presented there. (Not the same stock photos.) There seemed to be an attitude that it was the words inside that should count and that's something we also believe in strongly for our books.
09/07/2013 23:02 BST

The Islands by Carlos Gamerro

Imagine if you will a kind of literary kaleidoscope. Smash up the writings of Haruki Murakami, Borges and Denis Johnson. Pour the fragments into your kaleidoscope and put it to your eye. Start to twist the tube and watch the coloured patterns form, shift and reform into a different shape.This gives an approximate idea of what it feels like to read this astonishing novel.
17/05/2012 14:29 BST

War and Peace and Football

Next time you sit down with a pint or two in the pub and start slagging off your team's manager think of Tolstoy, general Kutuzov and this blog post and have a nice game of darts instead...
13/03/2012 12:19 GMT

What's Revolutionary About E-Books?

It has taken developers 40 years to come up with a way of reading electronically that people enjoy. In the end they had to make the experience as close to that of reading a printed book as possible. People have an emotional relationship to the way they read.
12/12/2011 10:59 GMT

Should Single Short Stories Be Sold Or Given Away Online?

If you were in a bookshop and picked up a collection by Alice Munro it would cost nothing for you to read a story to see if you liked her work. If you did you would then go to the till and purchase the entire collection.
30/11/2011 11:29 GMT