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Samuel Preston

Singer, songwriter, celebrated divorcee

Capricorn. Raised by a Philadelphian mother and English father in a seaside town (that they forgot to close down). Started punk and hardcore bands and had a devilock from age 12. Eventually formed the Ordinary Boys. Had several gold records and top ten singles. Toured the world. Went on telly. Found it weird. Walked off. Got married. Got divorced. Moved to Philadelphia. Moved back. Have unfinished novel. Will always have unfinished novel. Currently writing and producing pop songs for other artists (just penned my first number one single!!). Reluctant bachelor.

Why I'm Embracing the Lonely Hearts Club

A bottle of wine shared after a particularly trying day at work is far more relaxing than a bottle of wine binged upon while trawling deeper and deeper through the annals of Facebook, the stream of which seems to be filled exclusively with evidence that my exes are all coping with single life far better than I am.
22/11/2011 00:00 GMT