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Simon Saunders


How To Cope In The Wake Of A Terrorist Attack

Today, Nice and Berlin are connected via hashtags, comparisons and, more importantly, the simple fact of shared grief. While it's impossible to tell whether there's a co-ordinated plot to 'attack our way of life' this is unlikely to be the last attack of its kind, no matter what walls are built or immigration laws passed.
21/12/2016 09:05 GMT

#JeSuisNice: Now They've Come Here, Now They've Come For Us

The fireworks had just finished. I'd been on the beach with my friends, and we started to head back into the Old Town, crossing the Promenade des Anglais which lines the beach. The terrorists timed their attack to the precise minute, so that the road would be full of people crossing the beach after the fireworks. It was the busiest moment possible.
15/07/2016 12:02 BST

Somersby's Satirical Cider Ad: Wake-Up Call for Apple?

Both Samsung and Somersby target Apple's Achilles heel - its wildly enthusiastic staff and a fan base that both companies portray as naïve at best, gullible at worst, taking both the product and themselves far, far too seriously.
05/04/2013 15:50 BST

Gay Marriage and the CofE in the Manger

Recently, a friend of mine asked me why gay people want the right to marry, when civil partnerships are now available. My immediate answer was "they want to because everyone else can, and they can't". I thought a little more about this, and then some more. It was the right answer, and it's the right reason.
16/12/2012 10:55 GMT