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Tim Hearn

Football writer for, covering Southampton FC related news and general footballing topics.

Tim Hearn is a football writer for, covering anything Southampton FC related and specalises in match reports and European football. He's based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Contributed to MSN, Daily Telegraph and Gloucestershire Echo

How Have These New Premier League Managers Fared This Season?

Never has a Premier League season began with so many managerial changes at such high profile clubs. Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement at the age of 71 started a chain reaction that saw David Moyes being given the unenviable task of following in the greatest manager's footsteps.
10/01/2014 16:47 GMT

Who Should Be Manager of the Year?

At this time of year, we like to reflect on the last twelve months of Premier League football and hand out the annual awards. One award I would like to focus on is the Manager of the Year for 2013...
12/12/2013 12:53 GMT

Are the Media Waiting for Gareth Bale to Fail?

Ever since the 24 year old Welshman signed for Real Madrid in a record transfer deal of £85 million, his every movement has been scrutinised by the world's media. As with most successful or expensive sports personalities, the media circle like vultures waiting for that chink in the armour as they clamour for the story that will fill column inches and sell papers.
08/11/2013 17:14 GMT

Is the Future Bright for England's National Team?

It has been reported that there are fewer English players playing in the Premier League today than ever before. In fact, English footballers account for just 32.26% of all minutes played in the Premier League and it is the lowest home-grown ratio across all major European leagues according to Opta statisticians.
30/10/2013 23:24 GMT

Should Sepp Blatter Call Time on His Fifa Presidency?

For all the "good" that he has done for the game of football, he and FIFA have never been too far away from media criticism as his tenure has been littered with ill advised comments, corruption and more recently the fiasco that is Qatar 2022.
23/10/2013 11:42 BST

History of Football Violence - Is it Still a Problem?

Football hooliganism refers to unruly, violent, and destructive behaviour by overzealous supporters of football clubs, including brawling, vandalism and intimidation. Unfortunately, over the past few months we have seen more and more incidents of this nature in Britain...
16/10/2013 13:33 BST

Is Diving Cheating or Is It Part of the Game?

In the not so distant past, when football was a contact sport, the art of diving was almost non-existent. I am not saying it didn't happen, but that nowadays a player is protected by the referees so much that any touch by an opponent will allow the player to dive to the floor knowing that the referee will more than likely award a free kick.
08/10/2013 17:21 BST