Will Artificial Intelligence Squash Democracy Or Make Elections Fairer?

Catherine Elliston | Posted 07.06.2017 | UK Tech
Catherine Elliston

As the UK prepares for an election on Thursday, we should be alert to the hidden tactics that could influence the result. But it's also damaging to be dystopian. As with many aspects of our rapidly changing world, AI could fundamentally disrupt democracy or bolster it, and the outcome will depend on our actions. It's our responsibility to ensure that the opportunities are maximised just as the risks are minimised.

The Secret Life Of Connected Homes

Nicholas Shaw | Posted 10.03.2017 | UK Tech
Nicholas Shaw

Beauty and The Beast set me up with some unrealistic expectations of my household furnishings. Whilst the Internet of Things (IoT) may not yet have given candelabras a quippy sentience, it has given standard home fixtures a secret life. However, this isn't quite the heart-warming picture Disney painted for us.

How Botting Is Slowly Destroying The World (Of Warcraft)

Andy Patel | Posted 18.11.2016 | UK Tech
Andy Patel

Bots in World of Warcraft are used for a variety of cheats, all of which impact legitimate players fairly heavily. What might surprise you is that botting, and cheating in general, is extremely common. Left unchecked, it can proliferate to the point of ruining an entire franchise.

Addicted To Twitter? This Bot Will Remind You To Take Better Care Of Yourself

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 18.11.2016 | UK Tech

If you’ve been obsessively scrolling through your Twitter feed over the past week, you’re at least in good company. Jonny Sun, a writer and bonaf...

I, teacher: Are You Ready for Chatbots in the Classroom?

Will Lord | Posted 21.07.2017 | UK Tech
Will Lord

Chatbots will have already arrived in the lives of students (they've been appearing in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for some time) but what do teachers need to know? Should you be thrilled or fearful about the prospect of bots in the classroom?

Video Game Computer Bots Officially 'More Human Than Human'

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 01.12.2012 | UK Tech

Programmers have developed computer-controlled gamers which are more 'realistic' than humans. The study was an offshoot of the long-mooted 'Turing ...