UK Bullying

Are Teachers Turning A Blind Eye To Bullying?

Tracy Gladman | Posted 21.09.2017 | UK
Tracy Gladman

Bullying in schools has been going on for as long as we can remember. Whilst no one would condone it, it's hard to stop it from starting in the first...

The Reason This Mum Told Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Kick Her Bullies 'In The Business'

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 20.09.2017 | UK Parents

A mum has explained why she told her six-year-old daughter to kick two boys “in the business” after they bullied her and commented on her weight. ...

MP Claims Teacher Told Pupils Not To Speak To His Son Because His Dad's A Tory

The Huffington Post | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 14.09.2017 | UK

A Conservative MP has spoken of how his teenage son’s teacher told his classmates not to talk to him because his dad is a Tory. Bob Stewart, who was...

Coming Out At School Was The Most Profound Experience Of My Life

Shaun Dellenty | Posted 11.09.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Shaun Dellenty

I feel privileged to witness the positive impact my work has had upon individuals, upon schools and through advising on policy, upon the education system itself. Coming out to a whole school community was indeed the most profound thing I have ever done. We carry on with hope in our hearts, the battle for real equality is only just beginning. Authentic identity should never be a privilege.

Back To School: Beating The Bullies Together

Claire Stead | Posted 07.09.2017 | UK Parents
Claire Stead

The start of term can be a daunting prospect for some pupils. For many, they'll be starting a new school. For those going to secondary school, the likelihood is that they will begin using social media in order to help them make friends and adjust to the new school, even though they are below the intended age for them.

Tom Daley, Nadia Sawalha And Other Celebs Share Their Experiences Of Bullying In School

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 04.09.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Tom Daley, Rio Ferdinand and Nadia Sawalha have shared their experiences of bullying alongside a whole host of celebrities in order to raise awareness...

My Bullying Hell

Joshua Hewitt | Posted 01.09.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Joshua Hewitt

My advice to young people being bullied is to believe in you! Do what you love, follow your passions and love yourself. You are a wonderful person with so much potential. You are loved, and you are loving. Be the change!

Our Education Systems Must Explore Human Prejudice From The Very Beginning

Shaun Dellenty | Posted 21.08.2017 | UK
Shaun Dellenty

A new academic year! An exciting time ripe with possibilities and promise. It is vital that schools get these all important first days in our educatio...

Chloë Grace Moretz Reveals She Was Body-Shamed By Older Male Actor At 15 Years Old

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 09.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Actor Chloë Grace Moretz has opened up about being body-shamed by a male co-star when she was just 15 years old. Moretz said she was starring alongsi...

The Modern Tale Of 'The Birds And The Bees'; How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online This Summer

Claire Stead | Posted 02.08.2017 | UK Parents
Claire Stead

We can't see everything our kids are doing at all times; and it's something that if we tried to police, it would only build up resentment. Similarly, we can't ban the tech our children are using - it's about finding a balance, setting time limits and offering alternative activities to being online are good starting points.

Blogger Brought To Tears After Swimsuit Photo Received '900 Vile Comments'

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 21.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle

A blogger who said her swimwear picture received more than 900 hurtful comments has filmed an emotional video in which she pleads for a change in the ...

Instagram Bullying: How Parents Can Protect Their Child From Abuse On The App

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 21.07.2017 | UK Parents

“There was a phase at our school when people would create Instagram accounts such as ‘Local slags’ or ’School whores,” one teen told HuffPos...

Sticks And Stones?

Dr Louise Theodosiou | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Louise Theodosiou

Successive governments recognise the importance of investing in children's mental health, and the role of schools in developing wellbeing and recognising mental health needs. Yet the figures don't indicate enough of an improvement.

'Traditional' Bullying Still Far Outstrips Online Abuse Among Teens, Experts Claim

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 11.07.2017 | UK Universities & Education

“Traditional” bullying like name-calling and exclusion still far outstrips cyber-bullying among teens - despite the huge popularity of social medi...

Lizzie Velasquez On The Lessons She Learnt From Online Trolls

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 03.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Lizzie Velasquez has had to deal with more than most. At college, she was bullied by online trolls who labelled her ‘the ugliest woman in the world...

Dad Overwhelmed As Hundreds Of Celebs Send Birthday Messages To Son Who Is Being Bullied

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 30.06.2017 | UK Parents

Celebrities including Stormzy, Russell Crowe, Dawn French and Jason Manford have stepped up to wish a bullied nine-year-old boy a happy birthday. The ...

Parents Share Heartbreaking Story Of How Bullying Drove Son To Suicide

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 27.06.2017 | UK Parents

A couple have opened up about their son who was driven to suicide due to bullies, in the hope to raise awareness of the impact of bullying. Mark and A...

Stories About Speaking Out Are Vital - It's Why I've Written A Children's Book About A Girl Who Can't

Tamsin Winter | Posted 02.06.2017 | UK Parents
Tamsin Winter

I always knew talking was important. I grew up in a noisy, busy family. The only way to get anything was to speak up. The louder, the better. Then once, when I was about six years old, an adult leant down to me and said, "You'd better not talk so much or your voice will run out."

Are You Equipped To Deal With The Changing Face Of Bullying?

Carolyn Bunting, Internet Matters | Posted 01.06.2017 | UK Parents
Carolyn Bunting, Internet Matters

In a survey of 2,000 parents of children aged between nine and 16, nearly seven out of 10 (68%) said their top concern on the issue was their children being targeted over their physical appearance, followed by popularity (52%) and sexism (26%).

When The White House Houses A Bully

Toni Hargis | Posted 31.05.2017 | UK Politics
Toni Hargis

For anyone thinking that Donnie's behavior is funny, harmless or otherwise benign, - it's not.

Why Are Girls So Nasty?

Kerry Whittaker | Posted 18.05.2017 | UK Style
Kerry Whittaker

Whilst sitting there and hearing this, I thought to myself 'there is not a chance they are talking about me', as that day I had made a particular effort with my makeup. Realising that they were actually insulting and mocking me, my first thoughts were why would they find it acceptable to laugh at someone's appearance?

Why Are Girls So Nasty?

Kerry Whittaker | Posted 18.05.2017 | UK Style
Kerry Whittaker

Whilst sitting there and hearing this, I thought to myself 'there is not a chance they are talking about me', as that day I had made a particular effort with my makeup. Realising that they were actually insulting and mocking me, my first thoughts were why would they find it acceptable to laugh at someone's appearance?

How You Could Avoid '13 Reasons Why'

Sarah Zafar | Posted 12.05.2017 | UK Parents
Sarah Zafar

People have become more selfish towards their own needs, and less empathetic towards others. Instead of talking to each other when we sit next to a stranger, we think that it would be less awkward to gaze down at our phones and pretend we are too busy. The person sitting next to you could be hurting inside, yet you would never know because you did not try asking.

Why Do We Need To Teach All Children About Self-Confidence On National Children's Day?

NaaDei Neequaye-Oyelade | Posted 08.05.2017 | UK Parents
NaaDei Neequaye-Oyelade

Confidence in children is evidenced in various ways, so it's important to try to build it so that it follows them straight into adulthood. There are so many things we can do as parents to increase confidence, but one very important way to do this is with the power of reading.

Six Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why Is The Best Thing to happen to TV of late.

Sophie Pope | Posted 25.04.2017 | UK Entertainment
Sophie Pope

An audience divided, viewers of 13 Reasons Why have had a lot of opinions on how the show televised rape, bullying and suicide. Schools are warning ch...