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Tory NHS ID Check Plans 'Threaten Patient Safety', Experts Warn

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 19.10.2017 | UK

Plans to clamp down on “health tourism” by making people prove they are entitled to NHS care - and charging those who aren’t - could put all pat...

Seven Things To Learn From Tech Execs Who Limit Their Kids' Tech Usage

Anastasia Dedyukhina | Posted 17.10.2017 | UK Parents
Anastasia Dedyukhina

Tech executives know all the ins and outs of online world, and this is why they know what to allow, and where to safeguard their kids. Technology is a different reality, and just as you are showing them how the real world works, so you should be doing with the virtual one.

Diana Nurses - What A Difference A Day Made

Katrina McNamara | Posted 16.10.2017 | UK
Katrina McNamara

I think many of us remember where we were on 31 August 1997, when the news of the tragic, sudden death of Diana, Princess of Wales shocked the nation,...

Why It's Time To Start Caring About Air Pollution

Larissa Clark | Posted 06.10.2017 | UK Tech
Larissa Clark

There's something about air pollution caused largely by emissions from diesel vehicles that people can't quite get their heads around. A perfect example of blissful ignorance. Until I had a call from a friend and ex-colleague Eleanor Church, I was one of them.

Watching My 11-Year-Old Daughter Battle Rare Cancer Is An Inspiration To Us All

Lynne Jennings | Posted 05.10.2017 | UK Parents
Lynne Jennings

When our doctor referred Charlotte (aged 11) to Wythenshawe Hospital on 30th January 2014, we weren't unduly worried. She'd become very pale which, we assumed may be anaemia. Charlotte seemed equally unconcerned, dismissive of us when she was required to stay in hospital overnight, preferring we went home.

Why Teachers Should Be Advocates Of Child Mental Health

Jude Coy | Posted 02.10.2017 | UK
Jude Coy

Thanks to some amazing royal and celebrity role models the mental health of children and young people is now a hotly debated topic. And rightly so. Wi...

Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Disease: Symptoms And Treatment Explained After Cheryl Raises Awareness

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 26.09.2017 | UK Parents

Cheryl has issued a plea for increased awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease, a debilitating condition that affects the child of one of her c...

Tackle And Scrum Should Be Banned From School Rugby, Researchers Argue In The BMJ

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 26.09.2017 | UK Parents

Tackle and other forms of “harmful contact” in rugby should be banned from school PE lessons, claim researchers writing in the British Medical Jou...

Don't Let The Kids Stop You Being Active - Ways To Exercise As A Family!

Andy Pilides | Posted 07.09.2017 | UK Parents
Andy Pilides

Going for a walk pre or post dinner can be a significant way in which you can lose weight without being too strenuous. It's also the easiest way to get the kids moving and staying active. 10,000 steps a day is said to help burn around 500 calories.

Back To School Basics For A Better Lunchbox

Rick Miller | Posted 07.09.2017 | UK Parents
Rick Miller

The old tricks are the best! Making shapes out of sandwiches, presenting fruit in small colourful containers, adding a fun curly straw to drink their milk with - it all helps to make sure they actually eat everything. After all, children don't get any nutritional benefit from food that never leaves the lunchbox.

Low-Paid Parents Who Request Family-Friendly Hours Forced Out Of Work

The Huffington Post | Rachel Wearmouth | Posted 01.09.2017 | UK Politics

Low-paid parents are being penalised by their boss for trying to fit childcare around irregular hours, a new study has found. Requesting family-friend...

A New Meningitis Test Could Save Lives By Getting Results In Hours Not Days

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 30.08.2017 | UK Tech

A rapid new test for meningitis, which affects approximately 3200 people in the UK every year, could save lives as it cuts time required for diagnosis...

Helping Our Kids To Love Healthy Eating

Dr Sally Norton | Posted 21.08.2017 | UK Parents
Dr Sally Norton

Having your kids to help out in the kitchen is a great way of getting them excited about different foods. Let them help you to prep some vegetables, or get them involved in helping make some healthy, home-cooked meals. Also allow them try a bit of things as you go along - getting them to try things away from the pressure and routine of sitting at the dinner table means they might be a bit happier to give new things a go.

One Million Refugees. One Million Needless Tragedies

Carey Lodge | Posted 18.08.2017 | UK
Carey Lodge

Uganda is now hosting one million South Sudanese refugees © World Vision 2017 It's been one year since Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in northern Uga...

Calories In Popular Foods To Be Slashed To Tackle Obesity

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 18.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Calories in popular foods could soon be reduced as part of the Government’s plan to tackle obesity. Public Health England (PHE) hopes to implement ...

Get Cooking! Practical Tips For Cooking With Kids

Sarah West | Posted 11.08.2017 | UK Parents
Sarah West

Hands-on cooking activities help children develop confidence in their skills and abilities. Following a basic recipe encourages self-direction and independence, while also teaching children to follow simple directions and solve problems.

Charities Call For End To 'Harmful' Methods Of Restraining Mental Health Patients

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK

Mental health charities have called for the end of “harmful” methods of restraint for mental health patients following the release of “worrying...

Loneliness Could Be A Greater Threat Than Obesity

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK Tech

Obesity-related illness has become a leading cause of death worldwide, and with 58% of women and 68% of men in the UK now classified as overweight or ...

A Time For Reflection

Barbara Gelb | Posted 04.08.2017 | UK
Barbara Gelb

There is an opportunity for the Prime Minister to respond to the challenges faced by the 49,000 - we hope she will listen to these, the weakest, most vulnerable voices so that we can improve the quality of life and end of life care, however short that might be.

Why Is It So Hard To Label A Girl's Genitals?

Celine Bell | Posted 30.07.2017 | UK Parents
Celine Bell

So many words exist, but some are sexual, crude, rude or gross. They had this problem in Sweden, so they coined a new word for it. In 2000 they came up with snippa as a female equivalent to snopp and it entered the dictionary six years later.

Our Children's Health Must Be Our National Priority

Jon Ashworth | Posted 17.07.2017 | UK Politics
Jon Ashworth

It was Nelson Mandela who told us: "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." If that great man was right, then our country is in a great deal of difficulty. The state of children's health in the UK, and in England in particular, should be a matter for profound concern and concerted action. Sadly under Theresa May's government is isn't.

Won't Someone Think Of The Children

CJ Atkinson | Posted 28.06.2017 | UK
CJ Atkinson

As Stonewall once again release statistics that make chilling reading for the state of the world for young trans people, I'm once again reminded that we only tangentially live in the same world. Tell me how much time we should wait for things to get better. Tell me that this is exactly how it goes. Tell me it's unfortunate, it's really sad, but you don't really feel comfortable with this kind of chat.

We Can't Ignore Obesity When The Going Gets Tough Politically

Professor John Wass | Posted 21.06.2017 | UK Politics
Professor John Wass

We are calling on the new Government to be the one that finally turns the tide of childhood obesity. We are certain that it can be done with bold and decisive action. Ultimately politics is about creating a better future for our children. But we need them to be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Mum Urges Parents To Trust Their Instincts After Doctor Misdiagnosed Her Toddler

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 21.06.2017 | UK Parents

A mum wants to remind parents that they are the greatest “experts” when it comes to their children, after a doctor wrongly dismissed her concerns ...

Are You Struggling To Balance Your Child's Diet?

Maria Khan | Posted 08.06.2017 | UK Parents
Maria Khan

Similarly, only about half of the surveyed parents were aware that they should offer their toddler meat, fish, eggs, nuts and pulses two or three times a day despite it being the most important food group for iron, which one in eight toddlers don't get enough of in their diet.