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Queen's Speech: The Government Must Act On Manifesto Promise To End Rough Sleeping

Helena Brice | Posted 21.06.2017 | UK Politics
Helena Brice

This week the new Government set out its priorities in the Queen's Speech, yet unfortunately for homeless people up and down the country, it made no mention of homelessness, despite an election promise to end rough sleeping in England by 2027.

10 Important Forgotten Issues During This General Election Campaign

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 08.06.2017 | UK

It was supposed to be the Brexit election, but in reality the niceties of quitting the European Union were barely discussed during the seven-week camp...

Theresa May's Deal With Donald Trump Will Harm The UK Much More Than Brexit

Kieran Turner-Dave | Posted 04.06.2017 | UK Politics
Kieran Turner-Dave

TTIP aimed to curb regulations and remove all customs duties on corporations trading between the US and the EU, as well as removing 'non-tariff trade barriers'. This broad and ill-defined term included any law, financial regulation, ethical code, health standard or environmental protection that restricted the operations of US corporations within the EU.

What The Conservative Manifesto Means For International Students

Yinbo Yu | Posted 26.05.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Yinbo Yu

My question to Theresa May is: How can you expect to reduce the number of international students in a global market that is expanding and growing? It's like telling a booming industry that it must continue to grow but without benefiting from a global market of trade or imports. This doesn't sound 'strong and stable', it is absurd!

IFS: Tories And Labour Not Being Honest About Election Manifesto Plans

The Huffington Post | Kate Forrester | Posted 26.05.2017 | UK Politics

Neither Labour nor the Conservatives are properly spelling out the consequences of their economic plans, experts say. The Institute for Fiscal Studies...

Tory Immigration Target Could Cause Economic Crisis, Think Tank Warns

The Huffington Post | Kate Forrester | Posted 19.05.2017 | UK Politics

Net migration in the UK must be at least double the level set in the government’s target to prevent economic catastrophe and a public service crisis...

Labour Demands Tories Scrap Plan To End Winter Fuel Payments For Richer Pensioners

The Huffington Post | Kate Forrester | Posted 19.05.2017 | UK Politics

Labour has today demanded the Tories scrap plans to introduce means-tested winter fuel payments for pensioners. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell and R...

Theresa May Makes Grab For Centre Ground With Manifesto

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 18.05.2017 | UK Politics

Theresa May has said there is no such thing as “Mayism” only “good solid Conservatism”, as she published the Tory manifesto which rejected “...

Conservative Manifesto In Full

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 08.06.2017 | UK Politics

Theresa May has unveiled her the Conservative Party’s manifesto for the general election on June 8. The policy document includes plans to reform soc...

Theresa May To Scrap Winter Fuel Payments For Richer Pensioners

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 18.05.2017 | UK Politics

Millions of pensioners will lose winter fuel payments under Conservative plans to increase funding for social care, Theresa May will announce on Thurs...

Amber Rudd: Tories Will 'Look Again' At 100k Net Migration Pledge

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 08.05.2017 | UK Politics

Home Secretary Amber Rudd today confirmed the Conservatives are re-examining their flagship pledge to get net migration below 100,000 a year. Appearin...

'Laura Kuenssberg Was First To Notice We'd Broken Manifesto Pledge' Claims Philip Hammond

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 15.03.2017 | UK Politics

Chancellor Philip Hammond today claimed BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg was the first person to notice his tax hike breached the Tory manifesto....

Tories Refuse To Publish Official Advice On Homelessness Impact Of 'Nasty' Housing Benefit Cuts

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 07.03.2017 | UK Politics

The Tories today repeatedly refused to publish a report on the impact of cutting housing benefits to under-22s would have on homelessness. After being...

Broadband, Mobile, and the Conservative Manifesto - The Good, the Bad, and the Fluffy

Dan Howdle | Posted 15.06.2015 | UK Politics
Dan Howdle

While future connectivity across the broad span of the UK populace may seem fairly unimportant set against welfare, housing or immigration, say, it's likely that some of us will feel its impact day-to-day in a more real sense than any or all of those issues.

The Tory Manifesto: When You Ask For Housing, And Get Magic Beans

Steve Doran | Posted 14.06.2015 | UK Politics
Steve Doran

So, imagine that you and four mates are popping into ASDA on the way to a party. You've each got a quid, and you're heading for the 'one pound a can' offer in the drink aisle. When you get there you spot another sign - twenty cans for a fiver. What course of action makes best business sense?

Tories Launch 'Right To Buy Votes' Campaign

The Huffington Post UK | Andrea Mann | Posted 14.04.2015 | UK Comedy

The Conservative Party launched its 'right to buy votes' policy today in its 2015 election manifesto. The Tories' pledge to buy the working class v...