Are The Generations Really Worlds Apart?

Claire Turner | Posted 22.09.2016 | UK
Claire Turner

Above all else, encouraging everyday interactions between different generations is critical. This is what most of us grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties, son and daughters and grandchildren have been doing for years without giving it a second thought.

Five Ways To Balance Caring Responsibilities With Work

Sara McKee | Posted 15.09.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Sara McKee

But sometimes you just can't do it all. No matter how hard you try. It can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and over stretched. It's important to find time to care for yourself while caring for others.

Care Workers Claim They Are Paid Less Than Half The Minimum Wage

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 14.09.2016 | UK

A union is taking a legal case on behalf of home care workers, saying they are paid less than half the minimum wage. Seventeen home care workers e...

Rethinking My Future

Anna Dixon | Posted 04.08.2016 | UK
Anna Dixon

Many people think about these issues too late. For others life events happen and prevent them from saving or contributing to a pension. For many others there simply isn't the money to save when the bills are paid. The Centre for Ageing Better wants more people to feel prepared for later life. We will be exploring how we can contribute to this goal in coming months.

This Is A Different Kind Of Ballet Class

The Huffington Post | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 22.07.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A grandmother and ex-professional dancer who gave up ballet for decades has started up classes for a new generation - over 60. Claire Tracey, 54, was ...

Life Is Like a Bicycle

Diana Moran | Posted 12.07.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Diana Moran

They love the freedom of cycling, feel fit and tell me their electric bikes are the best thing ever, they can now cycle further without pain. It goes without saying that we all wear safety helmets and reflective jackets, you don't get older without getting wiser! So don't delay "on yer bike" and get those wheels turning!

Robotic Trolley Could Help Elderly And Disabled People At The Supermarket

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 28.06.2016 | UK Tech

A Scottish schoolboy is the brains behind a robotic shopping trolley, which could help thousands of elderly and disabled customers with their weekly s...

Have We Reached the Age of No Retirement?

Anna Dixon | Posted 14.06.2016 | UK
Anna Dixon

Should we give up on retirement? As life expectancy rises and the number of people living into their 80s and 90s increases, at the very least we'll have to rethink it.

Employers Must Create Age Friendly Workplaces to Ensure Success

Anna Dixon | Posted 10.06.2016 | UK
Anna Dixon

All employers need to recognise the potential of older workers and create age friendly workplaces if they are to be successful in future.

Making a Change: How Technology Is Helping the Elderly Population in the UK

Louise Rogerson | Posted 29.05.2016 | UK Tech
Louise Rogerson

For my parents, it gives me great hope that they will be able to stay at home as they age without feeling like a burden. For me, as a potential carer, I see that technology could make a huge difference on a daily basis.

Five Lessons For Eldercare From The Childcare Revolution

Stephen Burke | Posted 23.05.2016 | UK Politics
Stephen Burke

Care is in crisis. Growing numbers of older people need care, but fewer older people are actually getting help. That means more and more older people are paying for care themselves, or rely on family/friends, or struggle without help.

Elderly Polish Couple Go Raving Until 5am At Fabric Nightclub

The Huffington Post | Sara C Nelson | Posted 19.05.2016 | UK

An elderly Polish couple have become the toast of the British clubbing scene after dancing the night away at Fabric. The pair, in their 80s, were spot...

Better Understanding of Home Adaptations Can Help Improve Later Life

Anna Dixon | Posted 11.05.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Anna Dixon

Adaptations to people's homes can have numerous benefits - enabling people to manage activities of daily living, to remain mobile and active, reducing falls, and consequently reducing the costs of health and care.

More Pensioners Are Dying Because Of Austerity, New Research Claims

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 16.03.2016 | UK

Austerity is linked to an increase in deaths of pensioners aged 85 and over, research has found. Spending cuts in England have hit vulnerable adults a...

Homes and Neighbourhoods Key to Building Good Later Life

Anna Dixon | Posted 10.03.2016 | UK
Anna Dixon

Last week on leap day I joined Methodist Homes for the Aged (MHA) for their conference on 'Later Life Matters'. I was on stage with Alison Holt, who s...

Pensioners Are Eating Food Saved From Landfill.. But It's Not What You Think

The Huffington Post UK | Louise Ridley | Posted 08.03.2016 | UK

Pensioners are going to be given food that was destined for the landfill, at a groundbreaking café aiming to tackle a malnutrition crisis among older...

Cities of the Future Need to Be Age Friendly

Anna Dixon | Posted 04.03.2016 | UK Politics
Anna Dixon

As the debate intensifies in the London Mayoral elections, are the candidates committed to creating cities that are fit for our ageing population?

Crisis in Care: Homecare Services at a Four-year Low

Stephen Burke | Posted 26.02.2016 | UK Politics
Stephen Burke

Homecare services are getting increasingly poor reviews from families and users of these vital services.

Five Warning Signs Your Loved One Needs Care

Davina Ludlow | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Davina Ludlow

Moving a family member into residential care is never an easy decision, it is a difficult step to take both emotionally and practically. Sometimes however, it is the best way to guarantee your loved one's health, safety and happiness.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Changing Seasons and the Rest of our Lives

Diana Moran | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Diana Moran

We need to encourage ourselves - and everyone around us - to look forward with optimism and to help ourselves to better health. We should encourage everyone around us to take better care of their body, their looks, and to advise them to be more active and to eat a well-balanced diet.

The Big Issue - Why People OFF the Streets Are Freezing to Death

Sian Welby | Posted 15.01.2016 | UK
Sian Welby

Ever since I became Channel 5 weather presenter in 2010, I've been aware of this growing problem. In that year, we had one of the coldest winters on record - 'Snowmageddon', the tabloids coined it. But this movie-like scenario had no happy Hollywood ending. Thousands of 'excess' deaths were caused by the extreme conditions five years ago, and the death toll has been rising ever since. So, you're probably thinking, how can this be possible in a first world, affluent country? Surely we're all used to the British weather by now?

Elderly Busker Takes Stormzy Rap To Whole New Level

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 14.01.2016 | UK

An elderly man is causing a social media storm after rapping to British grime artist 'Stormzy' in the busy shopping quarter of Carnaby Street, London....

You Won't Be Able To Deal With This Giggling Grandma Playing 'Knock-A-Door Run'

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 08.01.2016 | UK Comedy

An 82-year-old granny has sparked rapturous laughter after indulging the cheeky little girl inside of her and playing a game of 'knock-a-door run'. ...

Man With Alzheimer's Makes One Simple But Heartbreaking Wish

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 08.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A man with Alzheimer's disease has made an emotional plea to the world, expressing his one wish - to be able to laugh and joke with his friends again...

Couple With Dementia Die Three Days Apart After 76 Years Together

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 06.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

An inseparable elderly couple who met as teenagers have died three days apart after 76 years together. Phyllis and Miles Higgin met in 1933 and wer...