Half Term

You Don't Need To Shield Your Kids From My Autistic Children

Ann Hickman | Posted 16.10.2017 | UK Parents
Ann Hickman

You see, I've already seen the look when people are afraid of us. I've seen the wide birth with the eyes of horror. I've seen parents pull their kids away from our family. Not when anything serious has been happening, just when David has maybe been squealing or jumping about. Or when Anthony has been skipping a bit erratically.

Dad Anger Management

Tom Price | Posted 13.06.2017 | UK Parents
Tom Price

Children have no respect for cushions. What used to be soft, clean and plump are now shiny, sticky magnets of dust. Balls of filth that now spend less that 10% of their lives on the sofa. Much like me, to be honest.

Family Holiday Ideas For The Whole Year

Amanda Statham | Posted 13.03.2017 | UK Parents
Amanda Statham

I was going to write a 'great places to go this summer' feature, but I'm a parent, I know the reality. There's actually a whole year spreading out before us, full of half term breaks, the occasional non-pupil day, a vast summer vacation and plenty of sneaky bank holidays.

How To Survive Half Term

Liz Fraser | Posted 26.10.2016 | UK Parents
Liz Fraser

Whichever overjoyed camp you fall into, it's best to be as prepared as you can be to survive this week - armed with a list of activities to get your kids out the house and entertained (or at least quiet!) for a couple of hours

The Nine Stages Of The School Holidays

Holly Boardman | Posted 25.10.2016 | UK Parents
Holly Boardman

It can't be the holidays again yet? Surely not? It was just yesterday you dropped them off at the gates dancing in delight at the first day of school, now it's holidays AGAIN? Are they making these terms shorter?

8 Things That Are Slowly Bankrupting You During Half Term

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 25.10.2016 | UK Parents

You’re not imagining it, half term really is bankrupting you. A new study by American Express has shown that parents spend, on average, £276 more ...

My Top Tips For An October Half Term Holiday

Ray Mears | Posted 12.10.2017 | UK Parents
Ray Mears

Getting out into the great outdoors with your children is a fantastic way to spark their imagination. You can keep them preoccupied for hours watching wildlife and exploring woodland. In my opinion, being in nature is the key to happiness.

How to Juggle the Half-Term

Jeff Brazier | Posted 23.10.2016 | UK Entertainment
Jeff Brazier

Am I the only parent that can't believe how quickly this half term has come along?! I'm sure you've all been settling into your routines again after the lengthy summer holiday and now it's time to have that routine dashed so we can go back to wearing the occasional hat that requires us to become an entertainer, a taxi driver or a referee depending on how many you have and what ages they are. I can snigger slightly at myself here, with two of a similar age I actually fit into all three but sadly, in reverse order!

Scary Schooling - How To Get Learning Into Play This Halloween

Lisa Bradburn | Posted 20.10.2016 | UK Parents
Lisa Bradburn

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and you just know the entire half term build up will be filled with spooky goings on...

Half-Term Trauma As Three Dead In M1 Coach Smash

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Jessica Elgot | Posted 14.02.2015 | UK

Three men were killed when a double-decker coach, believed to be carrying university students, collided with a stationary car on the M1, police have s...

The One With the First Week Back

Georgy Jamieson | Posted 10.01.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Georgy Jamieson

Don't get me wrong, he loved being at home, seeing both sets of grandparents, trips to the zoo and the park, going bowling with some of his NCT mates, having play dates with Lemon Cake Boy and Vintage Songstress and her lad and finishing the week with a Halloween tea party and trick or treating.

The One With Half Term

Georgy Jamieson | Posted 27.12.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Georgy Jamieson

So we've made it to half term! We've had no tears or major tantrums and the boy seems to be enjoying himself. He is however getting tired and I fear the novelty may be wearing off. He keeps asking, "Where am I going today?" When I answer "School darling", he looks forlorn and exclaims "What again? I have been to school a lot you know."

'Beano' Magic at St Pancras Station This Half-Term and Beyond...

Hannah Gal | Posted 23.12.2014 | UK Entertainment
Hannah Gal

London's St Pancras station is being taken over by the Beano, with typical Dennis and friends' mischief and mayhem. For thirteen delightfully cheeky weeks, starting this half term break, the Beano characters as well as behind the scene creatives, will be putting a smile of people's faces, no doubt rekindling fond childhood memories for many.

School - What's the Crack?

Katie Kirby | Posted 24.12.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Katie Kirby

Do I have a life? BEEP BEEP - oh hang on sorry I just got a text, maybe it's someone asking if I want to go out for a drink. Oh no... it's just school AGAIN - apparently they are having cottage pie today instead of the planned menu option in order to celebrate British potato day. Like I give a f*ck!

Get Active With Warburtons Half & Half-Term Games

Jonathan Brownlee | Posted 29.07.2014 | UK Sport
Jonathan Brownlee

The school holidays were always an exciting time in the Brownlee household. This was the opportunity for my brother Alistair and I to escape from the classroom and enjoy the great outdoors.

Guide to Keeping Kids and Yummy Mummies Entertained This Half-term‏

Sarah Tetteh | Posted 23.07.2014 | UK Entertainment
Sarah Tetteh

As a child I was told I could never have pets... My dad, from Ghana, said he'd eat them. Fair play. Still don't know if he was joking or not. So now I'm faced with the dilemma of whether or not to join the 13million households in the UK with a pet, after my tot has fallen in love with his Grandmother's cat.

Try Screen Free Time This Half Term

Sigrid Daniel | Posted 19.04.2014 | UK Tech
Sigrid Daniel

From Spring-themed fun to indoors entertainment, here are six fun-packed ideas for everyone. None of them involve a screen -- so get yourselves and your children reconnected with the physical world this half term.

Rain? Boredom? Or the Half-Term Holiday? The Big Barrier to Keeping Fit (And How to Beat It)

Ben Whitmarsh | Posted 06.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Ben Whitmarsh

Motivation is starting to ebb away, and many parents of schoolchildren probably share the latest obstacle to my ambition. With half term creeping up, we are due to go away on a family holiday, and all I can foresee is a week where my desire to stay in shape goes all wobbly.

The Magic of Children's Books

Adele Parks | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Adele Parks

Now it's half term and I'm really looking forward to the family snuggling up with their books on the inevitable wet afternoons. Reading is a joy, it allows the imagination to thrive: give your kid the gift of escapism this half term.

EDL, Welsh Earthquake And More: The Week In Funny Tweets

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 31.05.2013 | UK Comedy

The EDL dominated this week's news - what with their marching, Anonymous hacking and claiming that the holy book of Islam is, in fact, Kerrang!. (Adm...

5 Things to Do This Half Term That Cost Under £1

Sara Bran | Posted 02.08.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Sara Bran

I'm really looking forward to half term week with my 6 year-old Biscuit-thief, and I'm determined not to watch Cbeebies even once, however much I miss it.

How To Entertain The Children This Half Term, Without Breaking The Bank

Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 13.02.2012 | UK Universities & Education

Half term is greeted with a groan by many parents. Keeping the children entertained can be costly, tiresome and headache-inducing. But it doesn't h...

Apologising, France and Sh*t Loads of Homework

Maia Orme | Posted 27.12.2011 | UK Universities & Education
Maia Orme

I've been away. Like, abroad away. I went off on a school trip to Nîmes in France with my friends, and let me tell you, it was a rave. Well not LITERALLY a rave (though that would've been AWESOME!) but it was really fun all the same.

Melanie Hick

Top Ten Last Minute Half-Term Science And Technology Days Out

HuffingtonPost.com | Melanie Hick | Posted 26.12.2011 | UK Tech

Have you lost your wits yet? Is your own mum sick of looking after your kids? We've put together some last minute life-saving days out for October hal...