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Stuck For Things To Do In Half-Term With The Kids? This Is What Other Parents Are Doing

Stuck for ideas? Take a peek at other parents half term plans.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to keep your kids entertained during half-term, you may wish you could take a peek inside other parents’ diaries for inspiration.

Well you’re in luck, as we asked 13 mums and dads to share their plans for the week ahead, and they revealed ideas for family fun - from making cress eggheads to filming making a “day in the life” video - many of which will cost you nothing at all.

Dad Stephen Skinner's son Atlas enjoying the outside discovering woodland treasures.

Discover woodland treasures.

As well as taking his three-year-old daughter to soft play, Chris Newman, who blogs at The Opinionated Dad, is taking her to their local woodland nature reserve. “It’s great to get her outside and let her run around like a lunatic,” he says. “Funny to watch too.”

Stephen Skinner, who blogs at Nomadi Daddy, is going to be doing something very similar. “We love exploring our local area, finding secret paths, building dens and collecting woodland treasures,” he says. “Make sure you remember to take a picnic and a snuggly blanket, so you can get lost for a little bit longer.”

Prepare them for an Oscar-winning career.

Cathy Ranson, editor of suggests embracing technology in a fun way by making a “day in the life” video with your child. “Give your little ones an old phone and let them film their day,” she says. “Enjoy playing the footage back and seeing a day from their viewpoint. It’s a lovely keepsake for you too.”

Set yourself a park challenge.

Sophie Mei Lan says she is going to “as many parks as possible” to tire her kids out, and if it rains, her local playground - Hepworth Wakefield’s playground - has free crafts inside during the half-term. 

Mum Sophie Mei Lan's daughters Jasmine and Arianna will be visiting as many parks as possible this half term.

Embrace the change of pace. 

Half-term doesn’t have to be busy, busy, busy. Sarah Debnam says she is taking the opportunity to take it slow with some films, picnics in the garden and painting with her girls (ages eight and 10). “We’re usually very busy during term time so it’s going to be a nice change,” she adds.

John Adams, who runs Dadbloguk is also keeping it simple. “I will be taking the kids out with the football and doing some cooking,” he says. “We’re in the middle of moving house so funds are tight and can’t afford big days out! It’s refreshing though, you can forget how kids get pleasure from the simplest things.”

Step into a fairytale.

Emma-Louise, who blogs at Even Angels Fall, is up in the Lake District with her five-year-old for half-term, enjoying the outdoors. While up there, they went to the Beatrix Potter attraction, which is great for bookworms. Check out our other suggestions across the country for book-loving kids.

Get into the spirit of the World Cup.

The World Cup is just round the corner, (England’s first game is on 18 June), so if your kids are keen football fans, why not start their sticker book fun now? Mark O’Thomas says: “Me and my three kids are currently sticking in football cards for the forthcoming World Cup.” Get the official sticker book for this year here

Get green-fingered.

Did you know it’s National Children’s Gardening Week? Ranson is using this as inspiration for her kids, “Plant something together,” she suggests. “Whether you have a garden, a balcony or a windowsill, choose something to plant and grow together. Maybe it’s a cress egghead, maybe it’s tomato seeds, perhaps it’s the top of a pineapple in a saucer of water? Get your kids to research it online, plan what they need and then get it ready.”

slallison via Getty Images
Whether you have a garden, a balcony or a windowsill, choose something to plant and grow together.

This one membership is proving to be popular.

Many parents told HuffPost UK they have joined The National Trust and are using the half-term break to explore different locations with their kids. Kate Lili says: “As a family we have recently joined the National Trust so we will also visit Tredegar House in Newport this week. They usually have a trail planned for the kids during school holidays. I hope this beautiful sunny weather continues too so we can spend more time together in the garden.” 

Play the pound shop outdoor bonanza game.

Ranson says her pound shop bonanza game works a treat. She explains: “Give the kids £3 and let them choose three things they can play with outdoors. Don’t steer them to the toy section. Instead let them choose anything they want to (within reason) and watch them surprise you.”

Make time for those all important milestones.

Simon Dobbins says one of his objectives is to get the safety wheels removed from his son’s bike over the half-term, so they’ll be staying outside and heading to the local park to get practising. 

graphicnoi via Getty Images
Make time for those all important milestones. (Stock image)

Nurture their creative side.

Maria Hyrapiet, who blogs at Suburban Mum, says as a working mum, her boys are being entertained by a mix of people, including relatives. As well as watching films and playing in the garden, she says the kids will be doing craft activities, too. Try out these five easy paper craft projects to make with kids

Zara Walker says she and her family collected a huge bag of shells from Rhyl beach, “We have deep cleaned them and will be painting them all and hot glueing them on to canvasses. Creating seaside art work. It is a pretty big project so will last a few days!” 

Do some local detective work. 

Do you know what’s going on in your local area during half term? there may be more on offer than you realise. Dan Flanagan says he heads to Elderflower Fields Festival in Sussex during half-term, which has loads of outdoor activities for the kids. One way of checking what’s on in your area is to download the free SeeSaw app by Netmums, which helps you find things to do near you. Over 75% of all events on SeeSaw are free to attend - even better. 


What will you be doing with your kids this half-term? Let us know in the comments below!

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