Democracy 1: Why Libya Won't be Getting Democracy

Roslyn Fuller | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK Politics
Roslyn Fuller

The reason no one in Libya will be getting democracy any time soon is that even most people in Western nations have no idea whatsoever what democracy is.

Chris Wimpress

Exclusive: Rory Stewart MP, Former Iraqi Province Governor, Describes His Recent Trip To Tripoli

HuffingtonPost.com | Chris Wimpress | Posted 01.11.2011 | UK Politics

World leaders are gathering in Paris in a joint show of support for the interim Libyan government. But how close is the country to stability, and will...

NTC Extends Deadline For Surrender Of Sirte By One Week

Huffington Post UK | Posted 01.11.2011 | UK

A deadline for pro-Gaddafi troops to surrender the town of Sirte to Libya's interim government has been extended by one week. Reuters quoted an unn...

Michael Rundle

Patience And Humility Hold The Key To Libya's Future, Party Founder Says

HuffingtonPost.com | Michael Rundle | Posted 01.11.2011 | UK

If Libya is to make a successful transition from dictatorship under Muammar Gaddafi to a functioning, perhaps even prosperous, democracy, the thing th...

Nato Hits Sirte Targets And Britain Flies In Libyan Cash Ahead Of Key Paris Summit

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 01.11.2011 | UK

Nato says it has hit key sites in Gaddafi's hometown as world leaders prepare to gather for a key summit in Paris to show support for the rebel-led in...

Russia Recognises Libya's Rebel Council Ahead Of Paris Talks

Huffington Post UK | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

Russia has recognised Libya's interim government hours ahead of an international summit in Paris that aims to show support for the rebel council. ...

Cameron Needs to Tread Carefully in the Aftermath of Libya

James Dwyer | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK Politics
James Dwyer

David Cameron is a lucky man. Just when things seemed to be getting messy in Libya, when the word 'stalemate' was being heard more and more often and when there was seemingly a collective slumping of the international shoulders and an acceptance that we were in it for the long run, the rebels toppled Gaddafi. With Gaddafi gone, Cameron may think he can breath a sigh of relief. Whilst he can certainly be pleased with the fact an undeniably evil dictator is gone, there are a whole host of problems - at home and abroad - that now need to be addressed.

Gaddafi's Son Vows To Fight On

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

Saif al-Islam, the second son of Colonel Gaddafi, has broadcast a statement on the Syrian al-Orouba satellite channel vowing to continue the fight aga...

Libyan Banknotes Leave UK Bound For Tripoli

BBC | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

The RAF is flying £130m of Libyan banknotes (280m Libyan dinars) to Libya after an assets freeze aimed at Col Muammar Gaddafi was lifted. The cash...

PM Hopeful of NTC Help In WPC Murder Inquiry

Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

PRESS ASSOCIATION - Prime Minister David Cameron has said the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher is a reminder of the "horrors" of the Gaddafi regime and...

Russia And China 'To Show Support' For Libyan Rebel Council

Huffington Post UK | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

Russia and China are expected to show their support for Libya's interim government at a conference in Paris despite previously refusing to recognise t...

Gaddafi's Son 'Negotiating Surrender' As Paris Conference Looms

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi is attempting to negotiate his own surrender, reports suggest. The military leader of Libya's interim government, Abdel...

Caption Competition: What Did Blair Say To Gaddafi? (Winner)

Huffington Post UK | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

Estranged Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is currently on the run from his own people following the storming of Tripoli by the National Transitional C...

Western Military Intervention in Libya - How Will It End?

Adnan Al-Daini | Posted 26.10.2011 | UK Politics
Adnan Al-Daini

Commentators on the left and right are confusingly comparing Libya and Iraq and deducing erroneous conclusions; they are ignoring some very fundamenta...

Libya Rebel Council Reject UN Forces As Nato Steps Up Attacks

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 31.10.2011 | UK

Libya's interim government has rejected a potential deployment of United Nations military forces in the country, as rebel forces backed up by Nato jet...

Gaddafi 'Will Reject Ultimatum To Stop Fighting'

Huffington Post UK | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

Muammar Gaddafi's forces are likely to reject an ultimatum to stop fighting in the Colonel's hometown of Sirte by Saturday, his chief spokesman has sa...

US Senator Calls For Access To Lockerbie Bomber

PA | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A US senator has called for American officials to be given access to the Lockerbie bomber to assess his health. Senator Robert...

Hundreds Of RAF Staff To Be Axed

Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Hundreds of RAF staff will be sacked this week, with workers supporting operations in Libya at risk of the axe. Ground crew an...

'Only One Yvonne Suspect Living'

Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Only one of the Libyans suspected of involvement in the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher is believed still to be alive, it has been r...

NTC To Receive £1 Billion In Frozen Libyan Currency

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced that the United Nations is to unfreeze 1.86 billion Libyan Dinar, around £1 billion sterling, currently...

Paul Vale

Police To Investigate Yvonne Fletcher's Murder In Libya

HuffingtonPost.com | Paul Vale | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

Negotiations are underway between Whitehall and Libya’s National Transitional Council to allow British police to travel to Tripoli to investigate th...

Aisha Gaddafi Gives Birth In Algeria

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

The daughter of ousted Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi has given birth to a baby girl in Algeria, a day after fleeing across the border, officials the...

Libyan Interim Council Issues Ultimatum To Gaddafi Loyalists

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

Libyan rebels fighting against the remnants of Colonel Gaddafi's regime have given his forces until Saturday to surrender. The leader of the interi...

Libya Accuses Algeria Of 'Act Of Aggression' After Gaddafi Family Flee Across Border

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 30.10.2011 | UK

Parts of the border between Algeria and Libya have reportedly been closed after Muammar Gaddafi's closest family members were confirmed to have fled t...

Hunt For Gaddafi As Family Flees

Posted 29.10.2011 | UK

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Muammar Gaddafi's close family is said to have fled Libya as the hunt for the ousted dictator continues. Gaddafi's wife Safiya...