Why Has British Gas Just Been Fined £5.6 Million?

The Huffington Post/PA | Posted 10.04.2014 | UK Politics

Energy giant British Gas has been ordered to pay £5.6 million in compensation and fines for blocking business from switching suppliers and failing to...

Can the Public Ever Trust the Energy Barons Again?

John Robertson | Posted 27.03.2014 | UK Politics
John Robertson

We have known about excessive profits for years. Year on year we saw companies making billions in profits and then hiking their prices again just months later... I have not always agreed with my Party that Ofgem should be abolished, but my faith in them has hit rock bottom. I have to ask myself why this has not been done sooner.

Ofgem Enquiry To Find Out Whether We're Being Really Screwed Over, Or Just Screwed Over

The Huffington Post UK | Andrea Mann | Posted 27.03.2014 | UK Comedy

British people will have to wait two years to find out whether they're being really screwed over by the main energy companies, or just screwed over by...

'Energy Market Probe Won't Stop Relentless Price Rises'

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 27.03.2014 | UK Politics

Energy bills are still set for "relentless" price rises despite the regulator stepping in to propose a full-scale probe into how competitive the Big S...

Enough Is Enough - Energy Prices Can be Cheaper

Sarah Willingham | Posted 17.03.2014 | UK
Sarah Willingham

Millions of people across the country are feeling powerless with stupidly high bills, appalling customer service and complicated tariffs. However, this new campaign puts the ordinary consumer back in the driving seat.

Did You Know The Energy Giants Still Have Over £400m Of YOUR Money?

The Huffington Post/PA | Posted 28.02.2014 | UK

Ofgem has called on energy suppliers to return money to former customers after finding that the companies hold more than £400 million in credit from ...

Energy Giants Face Fines If Not Open Enough About Prices

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 26.02.2014 | UK Politics

The UK's Big Six energy suppliers are to be hit with financial penalties if they fail to meet new rules aimed at helping smaller firms break into the ...

Govt Demands Probe Into Energy Giants' Massive Profits

The Huffington Post/PA | Posted 10.02.2014 | UK Politics

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has urged the energy regulator to look into the profits being made by the Big Six energy companies through supplying gas. ...

Electricity Providers Told To Do More To Save You Money

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 22.11.2013 | UK

Five of the six companies that own and operate Britain's local electricity network have been told they must do more to cut costs for consumers. Ene...

The Problems With Privatisation

Patrick Kavanagh | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Patrick Kavanagh

There is a case to be made for free-market economics in the consumer sector, as competition is promoted, but we should not be surprised to see monopolies or oligopolies forming in sectors that require substantial infrastructure investment.

Explain Why You're Hiking Bills, PM Tells Big Six

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 28.10.2013 | UK

The energy companies should answer to their customers for the latest round of price rises, as new evidence suggests they are greater than the increase...

Which Energy Firm Has Been Fined £8.5m For Misleading Customers?

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 22.10.2013 | UK Politics

Energy giant Scottish Power is to pay £8.5 million to customers after an investigation by regulator Ofgem found that the group provided misleading in...

Energy Firms Must Be 'Squeaky Clean', Say MPs

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.07.2013 | UK Politics

Consumers are feeling "deep mistrust" towards energy companies due to the lack of transparency about their profits and rises in energy bills, MPs have...

UK Could Face Power Blackouts By 2015, Report Warns

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.06.2013 | UK

The UK could face power-blackouts by 2015, unless the industry combats depleting electricity supplies effectively, a regulator has warned. As Ofgem...

'No Hiding Place' For Suppliers

PA | Posted 15.06.2013 | UK

One of the UK's biggest energy suppliers has called for petrol forecourt-style pricing in a bid to help consumers identify the best deals. EDF Ener...

The Government and Ofgem Must Sort This Mess Out by Forcing Energy Companies to Present Their Prices in a Clear, Simple Way

Richard Lloyd | Posted 22.06.2013 | UK Politics
Richard Lloyd

With escalating energy prices remaining a top financial problem for households we hoped the government and Ofgem would sort this mess out by forcing all energy companies to present their prices in a clear, simple way and to make it much easier to switch.

'A Stain On The Energy Market'

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 03.04.2013 | UK

Customers of energy giant SSE have been urged to seek compensation from the company after Ofgem announced it is to be fined a record £10.5 million fo...

Big Six Bandit Country

Seth Freedman | Posted 02.06.2013 | UK
Seth Freedman

For a company so egregiously engaged in deception on a mammoth scale, SSE have got off almost scot-free in financial terms, and they and their peers know it. Ofgem levied a penalty equivalent to just 0.5% of SSE's annual revenues, demonstrating again quite how toothless and ineffectual the regulator remains.

'Woeful Catalogue Of Failures'

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.04.2013 | UK

One of Britain's biggest energy suppliers has apologised "unreservedly" to customers after learning it is to be fined a record £10.5 million for "pro...

The Energy Crisis Is Here to Stay, Which Is Why Solar Power Needs to Start Shining

Steve McKevitt | Posted 07.05.2013 | UK
Steve McKevitt

Energy is the most important issue in the world today and it's getting more important every day. We are living through a period of explosive population growth that will see at least another two billion people added to the global population - currently standing at 7.1 billion - over the next 20 years.

Not Our Market, Not Our Problem

Seth Freedman | Posted 06.05.2013 | UK Politics
Seth Freedman

If you believe the official hype, the FSA's apathetic conduct while the Libor scandal developed was entirely proper, despite being told explicitly by market participants that manipulation was afoot.

Energy Watchdog Warns Price Rises Will Be Necessary To Avoid Power Shortages

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Charlie Thomas | Posted 19.02.2013 | UK

The energy watchdog Ofgem has admitted there is little that can be done to prevent another round of price rises, as closing power stations, inflation ...

Downing Street Calls For Gas Price Fixing Inquiry

PA | Posted 13.11.2012 | UK

Downing Street has called for a speedy inquiry into allegations that Britain's £300 billion wholesale gas market has been "regularly" manipulated by ...

City Watchdog To Probe Gas Market Fixing

Posted 12.11.2012 | UK

The City watchdog has said it was investigating claims that the wholesale gas market has been manipulated by some energy firms. The Financial Servi...

Small is Beautiful for Energy Supply

Michael Edmondstone | Posted 09.07.2012 | UK
Michael Edmondstone

I have recently changed my energy supplier after staying loyal to one of the 'big six' for years. It's not that the supplier needed changing because of a gross lack of quality but, at the same time, I didn't just stay with them because they were particularly great. No, the real reason I changed is because I realised there is an alternative.