Pussy Riot Will Soon Be Free... Speech in Russia Will Not

Pussy Riot Will Soon Be Free... Speech in Russia Will Not

Whilst the amnesty granted to the two imprisoned members of Pussy Riot - Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Mariya Alekhina - is to be welcomed,...

'Miley Cyrus' and the Female Body: Who's to Blame?

The controversial positing of the female body within the sphere of pop music is hardly a new phenomenon; each and every generation of women...
Bullet Point

Bullet Point

I used to braid my great granny's Jamaican head of hair. That's when my daddy noticed I was queer. That's the time my big brother started...

Human Face and Cost of Violence

War and violence become abstracted the further we are away from them. All of our exposure boils down to news reports and research updates...

Have We Grown Too Impatient for Poetry and Spoken Word?

Why do I get the sense that spoken word remains a niche cultural avenue? I'm not here to pose the tired question, 'Is poetry dead?' but...
Online-publishing Teenagers Create a Whole New Meaning for Poetry

Online-publishing Teenagers Create a Whole New Meaning for Poetry

Even when we lose all hope in our seemingly hopeless race of humanity, there is still a flickering and poignantly strong light at the end...

Simon Mole : Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair - 4 1/2 Stars

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of spoken word as a medium is its lack of definition and therefore its incredible versatility. Whereas...

#NationalPoetryDayUK Shows Twitter Is All the Better for Poets

The success of #NationalPoetryDayUK and the increasing number of followers for poets on Twitter shows that users of the social network...
Funny #NationalPoetryDay Tweets

Funny #NationalPoetryDay Tweets

Andrea Mann  3.10.2013
It's Poetry Day So we're searching on Twitter For tweets that do rhyme And will make us all titter And if you are trying To write some...

Plagiarism in Poetry: What is Really at Stake?

There is the poet who seeks recognition, and the poet who seeks to be part of something bigger than herself. For the one, plagiarism is...

Worded Carefully

Spoken word is often thought to be just about poetry, but I believe it to be a delivery of speech in a strong enough way to affect those...

Britain's Personal Best, and Facing My Own Challenge

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to sing in public during the weekend of the 4th to the 6th of October: and on Thursday evening, I...

"Noli Timere": Seamus Heaney's Final Words

Seamus Heaney was a poet to the end. Let us take from his example a little courage, and a little Latin.


In my final year, I took a terrifying chance. Ever generous to students and young writers, Seamus Heaney offered to meet students for...