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'Forced' Academies: Nicky Morgan Ducks Questions On U-Turn Despite More Pressure

The Huffington Post | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 25.04.2016 | UK Politics

Nicky Morgan has refused to spell out any Government concessions over "forced" academies as the defiant Education Secretary said she was "going to fin...

Children's Commissioner for England's Predictions for 2016

Anne Longfield | Posted 14.01.2016 | UK Politics
Anne Longfield

I'm tasked in law with working in the interests of all of England's 11.5 million children, listening to what they say and championing their views to people who make decisions that affect them, so I have been considering what lies ahead for this nation's kids in 2016 and these are my predictions.

Tory Welfare Policy Is Killing People

John Wight | Posted 28.08.2015 | UK Politics
John Wight

Five years after they first came to power as part of a coalition government with the Lib Dems, there is no doubting the passion for making the poorest and most vulnerable in society suffer torment and despair to the point of suicide and premature death which resides in the heart of every Tory.

Brazil Is No Paradise - But Here's Why

Philippe Ladvocat | Posted 03.07.2015 | UK
Philippe Ladvocat

Way beyond the violence and corruption from City of God, Brazil finds itself in a very dangerous situation and dark times might be ahead. And I'm not even talking about economy. When I left my home country about six years ago, things seemed to be progressing for a better situation, with a decrease in poverty and hunger and a growing economy. There was a lot to be done and I was aware that it would take a long time, but then things changed.

How the Internet is Destroying Politics

Stuart Thomson | Posted 11.05.2015 | UK Tech
Stuart Thomson

Part of the challenge also lies in where people get their politics from. They no longer exclusively rely on politicians and just as with music, books, cooking and a whole range of other areas they take recommendations from their friends.

A Controversial Proposition - An Honest Day's Work for an Honest Day's Pay

Michael Havis | Posted 21.04.2015 | UK Politics
Michael Havis

The life of a jobseeker is not that of a bon viveur. It wasn't when I graduated amid a deep recession, nor is it today. Still, there was once a basic dignity in it if you were making an effort. Not for much longer it would seem.

How to Get Your Kids Excited About the General Election

Helen Redding | Posted 05.04.2015 | UK Politics
Helen Redding

As we move into the all-important 100-day run-up to the UK's 2015 General Election saddled by people's declining propensity to vote, is it really possible to get children interested enough in elections to ensure they become future voters?

Why Scotland Shows the Future of Politics

Adam Hamdy | Posted 12.11.2014 | UK Politics
Adam Hamdy

Rather than being an aberration, Scotland may prove to be a trailblazer. In the same way that it has transformed media and communication, the Internet has the potential to radically alter government. We have the tools at our disposal to hold instant national votes on important political issues.

Juncker's 'Women Problem' - And How to Solve It

Giles Goodall | Posted 03.10.2014 | UK Politics
Giles Goodall

The current nine female commissioners have called for 10 or more women in the new team, while Juncker himself called gender balance 'a political must'. With 37% women among its own ranks, the European Parliament will be in no mind for compromise.

Why The Elderly May Soon Make You Late For Work

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.05.2014 | UK

Traffic lights are set to stay red for longer as ministers draw up plans to give Britain's ageing population longer to cross the road. Crossing tim...

Former Obama Advisor Says Putin's Actions May Push Eurozone Countries Closer Together

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 04.04.2014 | UK

The crisis over Russia’s annexation of Crimea may have inadvertently pushed the countries of the eurozone closer together, according to a former eco...

Here's An At A Glance Guide To Today's Budget

Posted 19.03.2014 | UK Politics

George Osborne pledged to share the benefits of economic recovery with pensioners and savers today as he delivered his penultimate Budget before the g...

Paxman Talks To Professor Neumann About Lee Rigby's Killers In Prison

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 26.02.2014 | UK

Following the sentencing of Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, for the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, Professor Peter Neumann of Kin...

Autumn Statement Preview: The Local Case for HS2

Mark Naysmith | Posted 29.01.2014 | UK Politics
Mark Naysmith

So HS2 is another step closer to fruition, 50,000 pages of detail closer no less. I have no trouble admitting I am delighted this project is moving along relatively swiftly, despite bumps in the road so far.

Independence Is a Risk That We Don't Need to Take

Alistair Darling | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Politics
Alistair Darling

The choice we face is clear - believe Alex Salmond or believe the experts and the facts. As part of the UK, we are better placed to tackle the long term challenge of sustainable public finances. Things are difficult just now, but the IFS report makes clear that they would get much worse if we separated from the UK. That is a risk that we really don't need to take. Coming little more than a week before the publication of the SNP's crucial White Paper, the IFS report poses a significant challenge for Alex Salmond. The White Paper must face up to the consequences of independence, including the need for big spending cuts and tax rises. If it doesn't, then it won't be worth the paper it is written on.

'An Act Of Self-Belief'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

A vote for Scottish independence would be an "act of national self-belief", Alex Salmond argued today. The First Minister used his keynote speech a...

Porn On the Brain... Whether You Like It or Not

Onjali Rauf | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Onjali Rauf

A few weeks ago, I joined the London Feminist Network in the leafy haven of Bloomsbury for one single purpose: to form a line of women, clad in white ...

Ed Miliband and the Politics of Optimism

Mike Ion | Posted 16.08.2013 | UK Politics
Mike Ion

Ed Miliband is fast approaching the time when, as Leader, he will need to ensure that the Labour party addresses its own progressive deficit, to be clearer about who we are, who we were and whom we want to become

Tory Councillor Defects To Join The Lib Dems

PA | Posted 26.04.2012 | UK Politics

The younger sister of a Tory MP has defected as a Conservative councillor today to join the Liberal Democrats. Sarah Dinenage, sister of Gosport MP...

What is This World Coming To?

Abbie Maguire | Posted 27.05.2012 | UK
Abbie Maguire

What is this world coming to?" - it curls off the lips as perfunctory as an adjacency pair. Often the reply is a silence - aren't we all void of respo...

Influence Should Be Earned Not Bought

Jane Wilson | Posted 26.05.2012 | UK Politics
Jane Wilson

David Cameron said that he thought the next big political scandal after MPs' expenses would involve lobbying. Sadly, but one might say predictably, the next big political scandal has involved a party fundraiser attempting to encourage a company to give money in return for access to policymakers.

Dear Unemployed: Please Start Building Pyramids

Greg Jenner | Posted 28.04.2012 | UK Comedy
Greg Jenner

There's been a lot of outrage recently in the press. Being a pedant, this always makes me chuckle, mostly because the medieval word 'outrage' originally meant a gratuitous excess of criminal violence.

Why Politics Should Be Taught at School

Liam McLaughlin | Posted 16.04.2012 | UK Politics
Liam McLaughlin

It was recently found that more 18-year-olds in the UK have a Facebook account than are registered to vote. Indeed, according to Experian, more than a million 18-year-olds are signed up to Facebook compared to only 520 000 on the electoral role.

It's Time to End Unfair Energy Price Rises

Luciana Berger | Posted 05.11.2011 | UK Politics
Luciana Berger

Instead of standing back minsters should be taking urgent action to curb soaring prices. Labour's approach would mean a real change - more competition, fairer bills, transparent pricing and extra support for those who need it.

A Reply to Charles Moore...

Daniel Cowdrill | Posted 27.09.2011 | UK Politics
Daniel Cowdrill

The collapse of the banking system and the recent phone-hacking scandal have led some to question the wisdom of market forces. In a now famous piece ...