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Inside the Mind of the Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 01.10.2012 | UK Sport
Dr Raj Persaud

Winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics appears a pinnacle in any elite athlete's career, but physical fitness or technical skill may not, in fact, be the crucial factor. Increasingly sports scientists are becoming convinced that it's grit and determination, resilience and desire, which separates winners from losers.

Extraordinary Muslim Women at the Olympics - Past to Present

Shaista Gohir | Posted 01.10.2012 | UK Sport
Shaista Gohir

Their biggest hurdle preventing girls from taking up sports is religious extremism, particularly for those living in conservative Muslim countries. Although there is nothing in the Quran forbidding women and girls from exercising and playing sports, religious scholars are making Islam more restrictive than it should be through misinterpretations.

Why Watching the Olympics Is Lowering My Life Expectancy

Emma Clarke | Posted 30.09.2012 | UK Sport
Emma Clarke

Let me come clean: I'm a sports letch. Footy, snooker, darts, athletics, cycling - basically, anything but bloody boxing - I love watching sport. I punch the air, do a funny little jiggly dance when it gets exciting and swear at the TV like a drunken nun. But now the Olympics are here I didn't expect to become obsessed. It's only Day Four and since I switched on the telly on Saturday morning I've barely moved.

Is This How To Treat Our Heroes?

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.09.2012 | UK

UPDATE: On Monday evening, Dorset Police confirmed that they "are aware of the issue" surrounding the Twitter abuse of Tom Daley and are "actively loo...

The Spectacle of the Opening Ceremony Gives Way to an Ugly Truth at the Olympics

John Wight | Posted 28.09.2012 | UK Sport
John Wight

The epic spectacle of the Olympic Games opening ceremony, courtesy of director Danny Boyle, with its dramatised depiction of Britain's social history taking centre stage at the expense of the pomp and pageantry which usually features when the nation celebrates its past, met with approbation not just in Britain but around the world.

Five Inspirational Qualities of Olympic Athletes

Danielle Collins | Posted 28.09.2012 | UK
Danielle Collins

London 2012 is well under way and every moment of it is full of a variety of amazing human beings showcasing a variety of incredible skills. Despite the obvious differences between each sporting discipline and between each individual Athlete there seems to be one similarity that's consistent with them all.

Olympics Security Police Lose Keys

PA | Posted 28.09.2012 | UK

Police checking security at Wembley Stadium for the Olympic Games have lost a set of keys. Officers searching the venue ahead of the start of event...

Could Team GB Suffer a Psychological Disadvantage in the Olympics From Being the Host Nation?

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 28.09.2012 | UK Sport
Dr Raj Persaud

New research about to be published by a team of Canadian psychologists suggests that Team GB may suffer a significant psychological disadvantage from competing in front of wildly supportive home audiences.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony - Things Can Only Get Better

Nick Abbot | Posted 27.09.2012 | UK Sport
Nick Abbot

For the past four years, ever since that bus exploded in the Beijing stadium and Catweazle played a guitar while the world's most famous custodian of haircuts booted a ball who knows where, we as nation have been moaning about the Olympics.

'I Declare These Games Open'

PA | Posted 26.09.2012 | UK

The Queen opened the Olympic Games on Friday for the second time in her 60-year reign, launching the global event during a spectacular ceremony that l...

'This Is For Everyone'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 27.07.2012 | UK

Big name singers, actors and even the inventor of the world wide web spoke of their pride at being a part of London 2012's live opening ceremony. A...

Red Arrows Perform Olympic Fly-By

PA | Posted 26.09.2012 | UK

The Red Arrows flashed across London on Friday in a thrilling flypast as the countdown to the start of the 2012 Olympic Games entered its final hours....

The Olympics: A Global Platform for Women

Baroness Mary Goudie | Posted 27.07.2012 | UK Sport
Baroness Mary Goudie

2012 is the first year that every nation competing has a female athlete in their team. This is a significant step given that in the first modern Olympics held in 1896 women were excluded and it wasn't until 1900 that Charlotte Cooper, a British tennis player, became the first woman to win an Olympic medal.

London 2012 Live Blog

Posted 27.07.2012 | UK

Hello to all Huffington Post readers. In short today is a big day. Actually, it's the biggest of all days as the eyes of the world are on London for t...

London's Tryst With Olympics

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 25.09.2012 | UK Sport
Preetam Kaushik

London is a great tourist destination and the Olympics have always added that extra appeal, for it highlights human skill and efforts. The spotlight is turned on London where the 2012 Olympics are being held. London promises to put on a great show.

Let the 2012 London Olympics Begin, Danny Boyle!

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 25.09.2012 | UK Sport
Preetam Kaushik

When Lord Sebastian Coe placed his bid for the 2012 summer Olympics to be held in London, he pledged that the bid would include a legacy which would make about two million people in the country take up sports and other physical activities thanks to the infrastructure hosting the games would bring.

Bad at Sports (Good at Spelling): Why Don't I Care about the Olympics?

Kate Harrad | Posted 24.09.2012 | UK Sport
Kate Harrad

When I think about the reasons for not liking sports, my answer comes down to this: school

From Scepticism to Excitement: Loving the Olympics and It's Just Getting Started

Katherine Baldwin | Posted 24.09.2012 | UK Sport
Katherine Baldwin

But as soon as I entered the Olympic Park, my fraught journey became a distant memory. Suddenly I wanted to be there all the time, every day, for all the events. I wanted to be part of this amazing atmosphere, among all these friendly people from all over the world (granted, the sunshine probably helped). Spare tickets, anyone?

Get Into the Olympic Spirit

Amir Eden | Posted 23.09.2012 | UK Sport
Amir Eden

It's been long awaited and now it's here. It's time we brace ourselves and truly get into the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics.

Pain, Gain and the Race of Life

His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje | Posted 24.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje

This summer, the world is looking towards London to celebrate its athletes. For them, the saying 'no pain, no gain' is part of their path to excellence.

Sleeping your way to Success: Olympian Ethics

Cathal Sheerin | Posted 23.09.2012 | UK
Cathal Sheerin

The London Olympic Games of 2012 could be renamed the Return of the Drug Cheats. After serving bans of various lengths for taking illegal, performance...

Olympic Legacy: No Change for Gay Athletes

Andy Wasley | Posted 23.09.2012 | UK
Andy Wasley

Long after the last athletes and spectators have left the Olympic Park in September, London 2012's organisers will be obsessing over the much-hyped Olympic Legacy. London won its bid for the Games on an explicit promise of 'greater inclusion' for all communities. Recent research conducted by the University of Cambridge for Stonewall's School Report 2012 reveals something that should seriously worry those responsible for achieving this worthy goal. In light of these findings, it's unsurprising that gay people are almost invisible in professional athletics (in Team GB there are just two openly gay athletes). But remarkably, London 2012 has done little of value to make sure gay people share that Olympic Legacy of 'greater inclusion'.

A Journey Beyond Sport

Nick Keller | Posted 22.09.2012 | UK Sport
Nick Keller

Just over seven years ago, on 6 July 2005, I was in Trafalgar Square jumping around hugging my friends, colleagues and family as Jacques Rogge said one little world that sent us all into a state of joyous delirium.This week I carry the Olympic Flame in my home city.

Ramadan, Fasting and London 2012

Muhammad Abdul Bari | Posted 20.09.2012 | UK Sport
Muhammad Abdul Bari

The London 2012 Olympic Games, which run from 27th July to 12th August, coincide with the Muslim month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. One of the five pillars of Islam is to fast during this holy month. All able-bodied Muslims are expected to fast, unless they have a valid reason not to, for example those that are travelling, sick or facing heath risks.

Life Lessons of Olympic Proportions... I Finally Saw the Olympic Stadium Today

Ali Campbell | Posted 19.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Ali Campbell

The secret to optimum performance is not to get faster, but in fact to get less slow, to do what you know you can do regardless of where or why or in front of who. Sporting greats are the ones who perform like it doesn't matter even when it REALLY does.