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Some Fun Little Games for iOS

Sam Sheppard | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK Tech
Sam Sheppard

We all love games, from huge blockbuster MMOs to simple puzzles. Not everyone has the time or inclination to play the latest hits on a dedicated PC or console, and sometimes even the most hardened gamer just wants to kill some time waiting for a bus. So, here are a handful of well made, fun, and (mostly) free games for your iOS device.

Twitter Abuse For Brass Band Muscians

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK

Police are investigating a series of abusive comments posted on the Twitter about musicians competing in a brass band competition. The comments, po...

A Look Back at 2011 in Payments

Eva Grzybek | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK
Eva Grzybek

The year just gone has certainly not been a boring one in the payments industry. Some of the most notable developments include the push by many big b...

How to Geek Yourself up From Scratch

Jamie Tolentino | Posted 26.03.2012 | UK Tech
Jamie Tolentino

Code Year ( is all about teaching beginners how to code this year because they claim that it's not too late to learn how to code.

Fears Over Fresh Crackdown on Bloggers and Journalists as Iran's Elections Approach

Julie Tomlin | Posted 26.03.2012 | Home
Julie Tomlin

The recent wave of arrests of journalists and bloggers in Iran is a worrying sign of a government crackdown ahead of parliamentary elections in March.

Men Not Allowed: The First Ever Female Social Network

Belinda Parmar | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK Tech
Belinda Parmar

Luluvise, the new social network built exclusively for women, is trying to pull-off a difficult trick: How does a network reach critical mass while excluding half of the world's population? Is there any role for a social network whose major selling-point is who it will not let in?

The Next 63 Million Seconds

Michael Nuciforo | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Tech
Michael Nuciforo

I wanted to expand on some points that some of you may have heard me talk about at recent events. They are three trends that I can really see emergin...

iPhone 5 Plans Leaked By Foxconn Employee

9to5mac | Melanie Hick | Posted 26.03.2012 | UK Tech received word from a reliable source at Foxconn in China that the iPhone 5, as it is currently being called, is now gearing for production...

Why Are Older People Consistently Assumed to Be Entirely Lacking in Taste?

Geraldine Bedell | Posted 26.03.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Geraldine Bedell

It's hardly surprising that so few of us are looking forward to getting old. While most people can appreciate that it's better than the alternative, a lot of the time it's not that much better. Never before in human history have so many of us lived so long, and we're singularly ill-prepared for this change in the shape of human lives.

Every Minute 60 Hours of Video Are Uploaded to YouTube... Not All Are Cat Related

Jonathan Heath | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Tech
Jonathan Heath

Here's another intimidating statistic about YouTube: 86,400 videos are uploaded to video every day; that's the equivalent of Hollywood making and releasing 302,400 features every week. Of course the content comes in many forms, which is why some of the web videos get so many hits, the viewers are out there for sure.

Think Smart: How Telcos Can Stay Ahead in 2012

Matthew Vallance | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Tech
Matthew Vallance

Global smartphone sales rose 42% year on year to reach 115m units during the third quarter of 2011, but 2012 is the year when mobile phones will truly...

Expect a Flurry of New E-Commerce Businesses

Eva Grzybek | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Tech
Eva Grzybek

The economic picture in the UK and the rest of Europe is grim and there is very little sign of this changing any time soon. One of the most difficult consequences of this is unemployment, which has just reached 2.685 million in Britain, which is the highest since 1996.

O2 Exposes Your Mobile Number To Every Site You Visit

TNW | Melanie Hick | Posted 26.03.2012 | UK Tech

If you reside in the UK and you are one of the millions of subscribers to mobile operator O2, you may be alarmed to learn that the carrier is sending ...

Apple iPhone Frenzy Delivers Astounding Results

PA | Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Tech

Technology giant Apple posted record quarterly results after it sold a greater-than-expected 37 million iPhones worldwide in the last three months of ...

Beyond the Box: Thinking Through Next-Gen TV

Dean Donaldson | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Tech
Dean Donaldson

Television is often overlooked when we think of innovation, particularly in light of the rise of PCs, smartphones and the ubiquity of the internet. All this is changing our relationship with the box, and revolutionising television. Looking ahead over the next few years what are key developments that will shake things up?

Facebook: Decline and Discontent

Philip Keightley | Posted 24.03.2012 | UK Tech
Philip Keightley

For those that work in social media and keep a close eye on brand activity in social media, and in particular Facebook, there has long been a challenge to understand, interpret and report accurately on the figures and results.

Microsoft Bing Charity Campaign Starts Today

Andrew Edney | Posted 24.03.2012 | UK Tech
Andrew Edney

Over the next five days Microsoft's search engine - Bing - will showcase the work of five small UK charities, enabling each cause to talk about the valuable contribution they are making to the communities they work in.

Strongest Geomagnetic Storm In Six Years Could Hit Flights And Power Grids

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 24.01.2012 | UK

The strongest geomagnetic storm in more than six years is set to hit the Earth’s magnetic field today. Airline routes, power grids and satellite...

Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Lights Up The UK

Posted 23.01.2012 | UK

The Northern Lights are expected to continue their sporadic illumination of the UK skies tonight. Stargazers were able to feast their eyes on the...

Nasa Hunts For Missing Moon Rocks

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 23.01.2012 | UK Tech

Hundreds of moon rocks, meteorite samples and other extra-terrestrial flotsam has been lost, destroyed or stolen, an internal Nasa investigation has r...

What Are Internet Memes?

Nicholas Tufnell | Posted 23.03.2012 | UK Tech
Nicholas Tufnell

Why is Keanu Reeves so sad? Can I haz cheeseburger? What does the double rainbow mean? As we all know, the internets is serious business and these question are worth considering. What do they all have in common? They're derived from internet memes, a peculiarity that can be best described as a cultural virus.

Can Clicking 'Like' Make A Difference?

Justen Schafer | Posted 08.11.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Justen Schafer

Running a relatively new charity myself, I have a vested interest in paying attention to these online campaigns. Everyone knows that awareness raising has been revolutionised by social media, allowing us to show our support at the click of a button.

Your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles: 1/10th of a Second Is All It Takes to Blow It

Michelle Beckett | Posted 23.03.2012 | UK Tech
Michelle Beckett

In my headhunting days, I would trawl LinkedIn for suitable candidates. I would make a shortlist of people from initially hundreds after quickly glancing at their online profiles. Shocking? It's no different to doing it in real life.

Women Need More Self-Confidence to Emerge as Web Heroines in Design and Tech

Rosie Rogers | Posted 23.03.2012 | UK Tech
Rosie Rogers

It's a well known fact that there are not enough women working in the technology and design industries today. Women only make up 12% of the workforce, and only 5% of board members at FTSE listed companies are women.

The Victorinox SSD - A Swiss Army Knife or SSD - It's Both!

Andrew Edney | Posted 21.03.2012 | UK Tech
Andrew Edney

At CES this year, Victorinox announced their latest offering - the Victorinix SSD, which is both a Swiss Army Knife and also a 1 TB (you read that correctly, 1 TB) solid state drive (SSD).