The Winter Rosé Wine Revolution!

Helena Nicklin | Posted 24.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Helena Nicklin

A cool glass of rosé may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your meal for Christmas day, but there's actually something rather wonderful about drinking pink at this time of year. There are many styles to go for, but my heart's in Provence...

Wine of the Week: Lomas del Valle, Cabernet Franc 2012, Chile

Tom Cannavan | Posted 11.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Tom Cannavan

Cabernet Franc is the great red wine grape of Bordeaux's 'right bank' as well as the Loire Valley in France, and yet it is a variety that does not always travel well, finding nothing like the global popularity of its cousin, Cabernet Sauvignon.

The World Through a Child's Eyes

Kathryn Berens | Posted 10.11.2015 | UK Parents
Kathryn Berens

I'm sure most of us have witnessed totally inappropriate comments from children which often seem to be voiced at full volume in the most public of places - for example, "Why has that woman got a moustache?" in the supermarket queue. There is nothing malicious in such observations, just curiosity. No offence intended in the slightest.

Wine of the Week: The Cup and Rings Godello 2013, Galicia, Spain

Tom Cannavan | Posted 19.10.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Tom Cannavan

The Cup and Rings Godello 2013, Galicia, Spain From a winemaking project between Scotsman Norrel Robertson MW and the winery of Terras do Cigarron,...

From Cachaça to Wine, a Gastronmic Tour of Brazil

Vinicius Lummertz | Posted 01.10.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Vinicius Lummertz

When planning a trip, one of the first things that we usually do is make an itinerary of the museums to visit, the best beaches to stroll on, the historical sites that we want to discover or even a list of the shopping we intend to do. But an important part of the tourist experience is related to food and drink, including deciding where to eat out.

The Most Honest Gift For Teacher You'll Ever See

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 02.10.2015 | UK Parents

Chocolates? Biscuits? What do you buy to thank the teacher who has guided your little devils/angels through the school term. Well, how about this i...

What's Your Wine Tribe?

Sam Caporn | Posted 26.08.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Sam Caporn

Maybe it's because it is just so damn easy to drink white wine like water but it does tend to get you in a bit of a pickle. The likely reason for white wine behaviour is the sheer volume drunk although there are higher levels of sulphites (a wine preservative) in white wines than red.

Vinothec Compass: A Stroke of Food and Wine Genius in North Greenwich

Chris Osburn | Posted 20.08.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Chris Osburn

Me and golf? There's nothing there, no history (unless you allow encounters when the term was hyphenated with "mini" or "crazy" at the front of it). But I found the chance to try out the Peninsular range with a complimentary quickie lesson to be a lot of fun.

An Alternative Peppa Pig Script

Sarah Turner | Posted 30.07.2015 | UK Parents
Sarah Turner

Narrator: It's a lovely sunny day and Peppa and George are playing in the garden. Peppa: I'm better at jumping up and down in muddy puddles than you are. You're rubbish. [GEORGE KICKS PEPPA, PEPPA RUNS INSIDE CRYING]. Narrator: Mummy Pig is in the kitchen, wondering what happened to her life.

What's So Noble About Noble Rot?

Jim Gore AIWS | Posted 27.07.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Jim Gore AIWS

These premium quality wines perfectly balance sumptuous sweetness with refreshing acidity and intensely delicious flavours. Some of my favourites are made by taking advantage of a rare natural occurrence - one which sounds a little bit grim at first...

Harmful Drinking Among 'Successful' Over-50s On The Rise

PA | By Jennifer Cockerell, Press Association Health Correspondent | Posted 24.07.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Excessive drinking among people aged 50 or over in England has been branded a "middle class phenomenon" by researchers. A study published in the o...

A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym, Says New Study

MyDaily UK | Daisy May Sitch | Posted 23.07.2015 | UK Style

Love a good glass of vino but hate hitting the gym to work it off? This news will make your day.UPDATE: Drinking red wine could help burn fat, says ne...

Government reveals details of its posh wine cellar...yes, it has a wine cellar

The Huffington Post UK | Owen Bennett | Posted 16.07.2015 | UK Politics

Foreign dignitaries, ambassadors and government officials quaffed 5,516 bottles of wine from the Government’s exclusive booze cellar in the year to ...

South Africa

Joanne Dwyer | Posted 13.07.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Joanne Dwyer

People were welcoming and warm and quick to laugh. Almost nothing happened on time. Meetings started when they started and went on longer than expected. African Time existed in the Western Cape, too; it reminded me in this way of a less eccentric Kenya.

Rejoice! Red Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 22.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Love red wine? Then you'll love this. A new study has found that resveratrol found in berries, grapes and other fruits could aid weight loss. Re...

Panic! Thousands Of Bottles Of Prosecco Are Going To Waste

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 12.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Prosecco lovers look away now. On top of the fact that there's going to be a mass shortage of fizz this summer, the Wine Society has announced tha...

Five Things That Suck About Wine

Lucy Griffin-Stiff | Posted 08.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Calories in wine can be anything from 100 to 300 calories per glass depending on the wine, and the size of your glass. So let's say an average of about 200 calories for your usual glass of deliciousness. I mean who even drinks a small glass of wine anyway? What would be the point?

Wine of the Week: Asda, Wine Atlas Frapatto 2014, Italy

Tom Cannavan | Posted 08.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Tom Cannavan

Though Frapatto can be very perfumed, this is not the most fragrant example I've come across, but it is charming and soft, modest in alcohol, and as both an introduction to the grape and a low-priced summer barbecue and picnic all-rounder, it's worth a fiver of your money.

Planet Appetite: Bioculture - Art Walks and Organic Wine in Le Marche, Italy

Rupert Parker | Posted 04.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Rupert Parker

Combining nature, organic wine and culture, the Bioculture App guides you on a 19 day series of linked walks in Le Marche, Italy, providing information about the attractions along the way with specially created artworks.

How To Turn Water Into Wine (Yes, Really)

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 02.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Looking for a party trick to impress your friends? Look no further. In the above video, YouTuber DaveHax demonstrates how to turn water into wine. ...

Planet Appetite: Sicily - A Continent of Great Wines

Rupert Parker | Posted 27.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Rupert Parker

For its 12th edition, Sicilia en Primeur, in Taormina, Sicily, previews the latest vintages of Sicilian wine, with nearly 300 different tastings offered, and proves that it's the Italian region with the largest number of hectares of vineyards farmed organically.

The 5 Best Wines for Your Cocktails

Ryan Cheti | Posted 21.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Ryan Cheti

Of course I love a glass of wine, but also, wine offers an interesting category of flavours and textures that I've grown more interested in putting into cocktails.

How to Fake Being a Wine Expert

Judith Lewis | Posted 21.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Judith Lewis

To fake being a wine expert is going to take more than knowing about years, growing conditions and varietals - you need to know what they taste like. Since flavour will depend on year, it will change.

An Arduous Journey

Rachel Black | Posted 20.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Rachel Black

Imagine you are in a prison cell. Dark, grey, sad and alone. Now imagine the door is unlocked. You can leave should you wish. You have heard tales of ...

This Tells You How Long Your Wine Will Last Once Opened

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 19.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Nothing puts a smile on our faces quite like wine o'clock on a Friday evening. Although that smile quickly fades when Monday night arrives and we r...