Mindfulness Meditation Makes Us Healthier, Says Study

Why Mindfulness Meditation Is Good For Your Health

Those who meditate regularly have lower stress levels and blood pressure and stronger immune function and brainpower than those who don't - and now, new research reveals why.

According to the study by Harvard University and Justus Liebig University, the four key components of mindfulness meditation help us deal with stress, which consequently lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system.

These are attention regulation, body awareness, emotion regulation and sense of self - all things that experts believe contribute towards a healthy immune system and enhanced cognitive function.

"Understanding the relationships between these components, and the brain mechanisms that underlie them, will allow clinicians to better tailor mindfulness interventions for their patients," says Dr Britta Hazel from the study, published in the Perspectives on Psychological Science journal.

The team hope further research on the benefits of meditation will be prompted by these findings, as they believe it could, "change both in psychotherapy and in everyday life".

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