Stress-Related Arguments At An All-Time High

Are You A Lover Or A Hater?

It seems that Brits are a nation of fighters not lovers, as the average couple come to blows with each other four times a week, a study has revealed.

Researchers discovered that if we aren't arguing about over-spending, lack of help around the house or paying the bills on time, we're hitting the bottle to drown it all out.

The study, by Benenden Healthcare Society, found that a third of the 2,000 people questioned said their stress levels were, "quite high" and six in ten admitted that stress, "tips them over the edge", and regularly causes rows with their partner.

While a quarter said that they went days without talking to their partner following a bust-up, 27% admitted to turning to alcohol to help soothe the tension and 23% reached for the comfort food to ease their woes. Sadly, one in five said they felt depressed.

It seems that stress isn't just causing more arguments among couples, our libido is plummeting too.

One in five admitted that they avoided getting intimate with their partner because they felt too stressed and 43% lost their sex drive altogether. Four in ten confessed they have gone without sex for two weeks while they got their head straight.

However, despite the evidence that Brits are strung out, 78% admit that they hadn't thought about seeking professional help.

"Instead of turning to the bottle or withdrawing from your friends and family, it really is a good idea to talk about what's troubling you. Whether you confide in your partner, a friend or a work colleague, the old saying is a problem shared is a problem halved still holds true," says study spokesperson Karin Mochan.

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