Life as a drinker is fairly boring and monotonous. Combine that with a feeling of being emotionally numb. Spiritually empty. And there becomes a real need for drama, just to feel like something is happening.
How do you become a sober girl? If it was as easy as just not drinking anymore, then we would only ever need one attempt at it. I had a number of failed attempts.
Since my father died in 2013, I tend to respond quite emotionally to the death of any famous male who has died too soon - anyone
Is that why they call it Memory Lane do you think? Because we make the past so narrow by filtering for it what suits us to remember? My drinking days were not all bad. Even in my worst of times. It's wrong of me to pretend otherwise.
In the lead up to stopping drinking we will all have wondered if we do actually drink too much. A lot perhaps, but too much? That's something different.
Frank Skinner has revealed that his excessive drinking once left him fearing he had lost his sight. The comedian and TV personality
A "helpful" new drug which could help problem drinkers reduce the amount of alcohol they consume will today become available
The number of people being admitted to hospital with liver problems as a result of alcoholism is rising dramatically, figures
It's one of those illnesses that you never get over, addiction. But far worse than the looming fear of relapse, is the fact that addicts are not 'allowed' to do anything other than recover.
It's been just over a week since I declared my new-found sobriety upon y'all through this very website and it seems only right to update you all on my progress: I think you would all agree it's been a terrible week to give up.
Psychedelic drug LSD could be used as an effective method to treat alcoholism, scientists say. The use of lysergic acid diethylamide
It seems that Brits are a nation of fighters not lovers, as the average couple come to blows with each other four times a
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a bill that officially classifies beer as alcoholic. Until now anything containing