'Go To Work On An Egg' Makes A Comeback - Plus More Nostalgic TV Adverts (VIDEO)

The 'Go To Work On An Egg' slogan, which launched in the 1950s followed by the famous 1965 advert featuring Tony Hancock, is set to make a comeback after scientists discovered that the campaign was onto something - eggs really do boost your brainpower.

Researchers from Cambridge University have found that egg proteins in the white part of the egg yolk, help us stay alert and give the body a quick energy boost.

The study looked into how nutrients in the egg affect the brain cells that help keep us awake. They found that a mixture similar to egg whites activated the brain cells, triggering the release of orexin, a stimulant chemical.

And contrary to popular belief that sugar is the best thing to eat when looking for an energy boost, researchers found that sugar actually blocks the release of orexin.

"What is exciting is to have a rational way to 'tune' select brain cells to be more or less active by deciding what food to eat," says Dr. Denis Burdakov from the study.

"Research suggests that if you have a choice between jam on toast, or egg whites on toast, go for the latter. Even though the two may contain the same number of calories, having a bit of protein will tell the body to burn more calories out of those consumed."

Despite previous claims that eggs increase cholesterol levels and raise the risk of heart disease, recent research by the British Nutrition Foundation found that the type of cholesterol found in eggs had a minimal effect on overall health.

With the revival of the 'Go To Work On An Egg' mantra, we took a trip down memory lane to revisit other nostalgic and iconic TV food adverts over the years.