01/12/2011 11:00 GMT

SNP Election Campaign Expenditure Topped £1m

The SNP spent more than £1 million on its successful Holyrood election campaign, close to the combined total of the three other largest parties.

The Electoral Commission said the SNP spent £1,141,662 in the 2011 election, in which First Minister Alex Salmond's party secured a landmark majority victory.

Labour spent £816,889 and the Conservative and Unionist Party spent £273,462.

The Liberal Democrats spent the least of the main parties at £176,300 - just over £35,000 for each of its five MSPs elected.

The Scottish Green Party reported spending £132,464, returning two MSPs.

The commission said 22 parties spent a total of about £2.6 million in the regulated period between January 6 and polling day on May 5.

The latest figures cover the three parties that spent more than £250,000. Smaller figures were published in September.

Andy O'Neill, head of the Electoral Commission's Scotland office, said: "The information we have published today completes the picture on campaign spending at the Scottish Parliament elections. Voters can now see exactly how parties spent their money campaigning for votes."