electoral commission

Officials say the requirement – condemned as voter suppression by critics – "posed a greater challenge for some groups in society".
People voting in England's local elections need photographic ID for the first time.
Polling stations are drafting in extra staff to help voters with the government's new rules.
Anyone without photo identification will be unable to vote from next May
“When we stand in line to vote, we are more likely to be hit by lightning three times than to be queuing behind someone who is committing voter fraud."
Prime minister accused of "ranting and raving like a toddler" during PMQs exchanges with Keir Starmer.
Pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group hit with record financial penalty.
Shahmir Sanni says the EU Referendum 'wasn’t legitimate'.
Voting is a right every women, no matter their circumstances, should have – in the next century we need to make this a reality