02/12/2011 16:58 GMT

Nick Clegg, George Osborne And David Cameron: Political Pictures Of The Week

From Starbucks to Autumn Statements, politicians were out in force this week.

But which of them - despite the media training and standard-issue suits managed to look, well, just a little bit silly?

Firstly there was Nick Clegg, who this week went from trainee barrista to being the first senior international politician to meet the prime minister-elect of Spain, Mariano Rajoy (we hear the DPM gave Rajoy London Olympics 2012 training tops for his children as a gift).

And then there was George Osborne raising a glass to his opposite number, as Ed Balls responded to his November mini-budget.

Along the way we had Barack Obama's socks, a gloomy Sarkozy, and a day-glo Boris Johnson.

Take a look at our collection of the best political pictures of the week for a full run-down.

Political Funnies w/c 28 Nov