alastair campbell

"This country’s politics is going to be damaged possibly beyond repair."
“Can we talk condoms?” is not a question we expected to hear on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain.
The Good Morning Britain host pointed out how accurate Operation Yellowhammer's post-Brexit predictions were.
Two GMB guests just couldn't stop bringing up the former presenter during Wednesday's live show.
’You’re like Kasper Schmeichel. Any little bit of joy trying to get in the back of the net you’re there trying to stop it.”
A packed few days are set to have long-lasting impact into 2021 and beyond.
Crisis management requires clarity of messaging and openness with the public, Johnson’s government has been woeful on both, Alastair Campbell writes.
Their relationship has been forged in victory after improbable victory, but insiders fear the prime minister's "svengali" may have lost the winning touch.
Another lacklustre performance from the PM shows he needs his yah-booing backbenchers back – and soon, Alastair Campbell writes.
In the midst of this global crisis, my hypochondriac daughter is calmer than ever, writes Alastair Campbell.