Alastair Campbell Spares No One As He Laments Who Put Boris Johnson Into No.10

"They all knew he was a liar," Tony Blair's one-time spin doctor claimed.
Alastair Campbell on BBC Question Time, criticising Boris Johnson
Alastair Campbell on BBC Question Time, criticising Boris Johnson
BBC Question Time

Alastair Campbell hit out at everyone who was responsible for putting Boris Johnson in No.10 last night, during a BBC Question Time appearance.

As the ex-spin doctor for Tony Blair when he was prime minister, Campbell has been a particularly ferocious critic of Johnson for years.

But last night, hours after Johnson had officially announced his resignation, Campbell really let loose.

He said: ″Anybody who ever worked with him knows he’s a liar, every single person who worked with him knew he was a liar.

“Every single person who sat around that cabinet table and propped him knew he was a liar.

“Every single right-wing commentator who licked his backside and told us he was going to be a wonderful man – they all knew he was a liar.”

Touching on Johnson’s announcement that he intended to stay in Downing Street until his replacement was confirmed (likely to happen in the autumn), Campbell noted: “He should be out of Downing Street.”

The former head of communications for No.10 also backed John Major, the former Conservative prime minister who was ousted by Blair in the 1997 general election.

Major said yesterday that Johnson’s new cabinet will not be able to “restrain” the outgoing prime minister while his successor is being chosen – suggesting this could lead to dangerous consequences.

Agreeing with Major’s point about Johnson, Campbell added: “He’s corrupt, he’s entitled, he’s a liar, he has delivered nothing, he’s the worst prime minister this country has ever had and the sooner he is out of that place, the better.”

Campbell didn’t stop there either.

As he clashed with the Telegraph’s Timothy Stanley who was also on Question Time’s panel on Thursday, he claimed: “The British media are part of the problem.

“They delivered him, they sucked up to him, Johnson has described the Telegraph as his real boss, and they are part of the problem.”

The outgoing prime minister used to be a journalist for the right-leaning newspaper until he went into politics.

Campbell continued: ″The next thing that should happen – our political culture and our media culture have to change otherwise it will happen again.”

During the same episode of Question Time, Campbell also went after Labour, his former party.

He was expelled as a member after voting for the Liberal Democrats in 2019 during the European elections in protest of Labour’s Brexit stance, but said he still roots for the party.

But, he claimed: “Labour are not strong enough [right now].

″I’m still 100% Labour to the core, but I think they can do better and they must do better.”

He claimed that even before the Chris Pincher scandal which triggered the exodus of Tory MPs from Johnson, “people loathe this government”, and “feel a sense of disgust about what this government is doing to the country”.

“But, they are not yet looking across the aisle and thinking that’s the alternative,” he concluded.“[Labour need to] understand that to win power in this country, against entrenched Conservative interest, is really really hard.

“I want them to do better, to do harder, I tell you if these Tories get back for another term, I honestly fear for future of this country.”

Labour leader Keir Starmer was heavily criticised over Brexit again only this week, as he confirmed his party had no intention of taking the UK back into the EU despite campaigning for remain.


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