11/01/2012 08:38 GMT

Briton Ammaz Qureshi Questioned After 'Watching Girlfriend Yasmin Chaudhry Drown Baby Live On Skype'

A British man has been interviewed by police investigating the drowning of a little girl in Norway while her mother chatted to him on Skype.

According to the BBC, Yasmin Chaudhry initially said the death of the 20-month-old was an accident.

But the 26-year-old later claimed she had plunged the child into a bucket of water after Briton Ammaz Qureshi told her to “discipline her”, it is reported.

Chaudhry, who also has a five-year-old son, called the emergency services after realising her daughter had stopped breathing, following the incident in October 2010.

Chaudhry’s son was taken into care after her arrest and she was remanded in custody until 4 February. She has been charged with the equivalent of manslaughter but has denied wanting to kill the child.

According to The Sun, the child was called Hunaina.

Norwegian police prosecutor Kirstin Rusdel said Mr Qureshi, 33, was interviewed in London with the help of Scotland Yard just before Christmas.

No formal extradition requests have been made for Quereshi, who is a British citizen and began an internet relationship with Chaudhry after meeting her just once.

Chaudhry’s lawer Geir Hovland denied the charges against his client, adding: “I want to express that we want Mr Qureshi to be extradited from UK and face trial in Norway.”

If Chaudhry and Qureshi were convicted they could face up to eight years in prison.