01/02/2012 11:15 GMT | Updated 01/02/2012 11:22 GMT

Deon Hulse, Tattooed 'Mad Dog' Who Appeared On Jeremy Kyle Show, Avoids Jail For Metal Theft (VIDEO)

A 29-year-old man, whose face is emblazoned with a giant skull tattoo, has avoided jail after stealing thousands of pounds worth of scrap metal.

Deon Hulse pleaded guilty to the theft along with another charge of possession of cannabis with intent to supply, after £280 of the drug was found at his home in Walsall, in July last year.

Hulse, who is also known as “Mad Dog”, and appeared on an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show entitled How Could My Boyfriend Destroy His Own Face, admitted stealing metal stall frames worth £3,500 to pay off a cannabis debt, the Daily Mail reported.

Jo Taylor, prosecuting, told Walsall Magistrates Court police had discovered the cannabis during a raid. After being arrested for the drugs offence and being released on bail, Hulse became involved in the theft, the Express and Star reported.

Brij Choudhury, defending, said Hulse had been keeping the cannabis for a friend while he was on holiday and that he had been pressurised into taking part in the metal theft by the friend whose drug stash was seized.

He received an eight-week prison sentence for the theft and four weeks for the drug offence to run concurrently. Both were suspended for 12 months.

He also received a 12-month supervision order and was ordered to pay £85 costs.

During his appearance on Kyle's TV chat show, Hulse claimed he didn’t care what he looked like, was called a liar by the host and then failed a lie-detector test asking if he had cheated on his girlfriend.