10/02/2012 11:15 GMT

Rhino Accidentally Killed By Anti-Poaching Activists

Anti-poaching efforts by campaigners treating an injured South African Rhino went wrong after they accidentally killed it.

The animal welfare activists had sedated the animal so vets could treat its injured horn and install tracking devices.

Unfortunately vets were unable to revive the Rhino once the procedure had been completed.

To make matters worse the event took place in front of a group of journalists who had been invited along to highlight the plight of the endangered species.

"It’s sad for us; it’s the loss of another animal. It’s a death that I still chalk up to poaching," said Lorinda Hern, spokeswoman for the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve told the Associated Press.

While the WWF's Joseph Okori, said: "There is always a potential risk that a sedated animal will die."

"The whole issue is, we are facing a serious rhino poaching crisis. This is a war. The desperation is quite high for rhino owners, to do whatever it takes to protect their rhinos," he added.